Worst prank ever

Tonight I was cooking dinner and sent the kids outside to play. I gave them options since at times they only think they’re capable of watching TV or gaming. Jump on the trampoline, shoot air soft guns, walk the dog down the street, scale a tree…..just get your fannies outside and play.

A few minutes later I look out the window and see a splotch of blue through the trees walking way down the sidewalk with his sister in tow. I didn’t think much of it until I saw the dog at my feet and glanced at the back porch and saw no guns where they’re usually laying when they’re shooting. Signs of trouble. I could feel it in my bones.

The phone rang and it was Randy. I said, “Hey, is it a big deal if the kids are walking down the street carrying air soft guns?” He said, “Probably not but they really shouldn’t do that.” I didn’t think it was a good idea but I just wasn’t sure how big a deal it was.

I hop in the van and drive down the road and sure enough….there are my two vagabonds roaming the streets with an air soft assault rifle in hand and a pistol. They were shooting at trees. I slowed the van down, gave the evil eye and pointed with my finger for them to get in the van. They were all like, “What’s wrong Mom?” I gave them the lecture about treating air soft guns like real guns and walking in public with real looking guns and how they could get arrested if they pointed that at someone and it looked real. Besides they didn’t even ask if they could leave our yard with them.

We got home and I told them I understood they didn’t know not to do that but to never do it again. I made them put up their guns for the day and said we’d try again tomorrow. All was good.

I texted Randy a few minutes later to tell him what happened. He said, “Take a picture and then arrest them.” I texted back and said, “You should call the home number (knowing Sophie would answer) and pretend to be the police. Ha! Ha!”

A few minutes later the phone rings while Sophie is setting the table. I hear her say Hello and then she runs into the living room and says in sheer panic, “Mom, I think it’s Dad but I’m not sure.” He had just said in a disguised voice, “Hello, this is the Police Department looking for the two kids walking down the street with air soft guns.”

Knowing it was Randy and what he was doing I said, “Nah, honey, I think Dad’s in a meeting.”

This is terrible. Really it is. What happened next is nothing but the truth.

Her face literally went ashen, she throws the phone at me as if it’s a hot potato and runs up the stairs wailing, “Mitchell! Mitchell! It’s the police!! They saw us! This is the worst day of my liiiife”

Randy was on the phone laughing so hard because he could hear everything. I was about to wet my pants. I was in pure shock at her reaction because you can’t usually pull anything over this child and I’ve never seen her so rattled in my life. We were both taken back by her response.

I quickly yelled upstairs for Sophie to come downstairs. Oh bless her. She came down, still clutching the four knives she hadn’t yet placed on the table and she was bawling. I said, “Honey, it was Dad on the phone not the police. He was just kidding with you.”

I hugged her and held her tight and felt like the biggest piece of scum for coming up with such a scheme. She kept crying and I said, “Honey, what was going through your mind?” She said, “That we were about to get arrested.”


So what kind of Mom were you today?

Family is a gift

We had the best week with our families last week! We got to meet new family members (sweet little Lily and her big sister Addie) and spend time with family that we don’t get to see often. It was really such a wonderful visit.


We could not wait to hold Lily!




And what would a trip to Atlanta be without a Krispy Kreme run? Thanks to Randy’s Dad we enjoyed one or five… or maybe twenty four? Speaking of 24…..did you see the final episode last Monday? We got sucked in again. (wow, that was quite ADD-ish of me to switch from donuts to TV all in one breath)


Girls night in – pajama party….did nails, had popcorn and watched Princess Diaries. That’s my sister-in-law on the left, my sister next to her and then Sophie and then my Mom on the right. Love ALL those girls so much.


And there’s nothing like riding your bike barefoot in the rain around your Grandmother’s neighborhood! I honestly think this was one of her favorite things of the week.


While we were there we celebrated 21 years of marriage! Randy and I had a special night out and went to one of our favorite places to eat – Stoney River. Then we drove around and reminisced about our dating years which took place right in that area. We drove by the church where we grew up and got married in. Our friend, Alan Chambers, has a tradition with his wife on their anniversary of having their picture taken on the steps of the church they were married in. I LOVE that idea. But for us it would be a picture on the steps of a bank since the church got torn down a while back. So sad.

What I appreciated so much about this trip was that my brother and sister took some special time with our kids and did some fun things with them. My brother showed Mitchell all of my Dad’s guns and how to load and shoot, etc. Mitchell loved this. Then he took them to the park and let them ride their bikes. My sister took the kids to the creek and let them play and hang out at her house. Mitchell caught a baby snake and he watched Dr. Who with it in a jar right next to him. Hog heaven for that boy. It traveled back with us – all six hours. NOT hog heaven for me.

We had a great visit with our families. My Mom is my hero because of her strength and selflessness. She is struggling with COPD and is on oxygen at nights and during the day when she walks or stands for more than 15 minutes. This has been a huge adjustment for her the last two months. We are praying this is temporary and she’ll be able to come off the oxygen soon during the day. I would love your prayers for her as well. She’s a mover and shaker and can’t usually be slowed down but I see how this last bought with pneumonia has affected her stamina. Still, with all this, she never really stopped going. I hope I have that much strength when I’m her age which I won’t state since she would spank the living life out of me.

P.S. I’m addicted to Candy Crush! I thought I was all smarty pants for making it to level 14 until I found out both my Sister-in-Laws are like in the hundreds level! One of them helped me get out of the whopping 22nd level and on to level 23. Whoo-hoo! And that music that goes with it…..oh my word…..bang my head against a wall! I turn the sound off but then end up missing calls because I forget to turn it back on.  Yeah, I’m totally gaming ya’ll! Ha! Ha!




3 lessons learned & random miscellany

Lesson #1: Don’t recycle bird nests for bird use


If you have ever wondered if you could trick a fallen baby bird by putting it into a nest that’s not it’s own just know it doesn’t work. The rescue attempt is a kind hearted move but the bird will fly out immediately and make a beak dive and injure it’s other wing. We have six bird nests that we’ve recovered from our ferns on the front porch. So we tried recycling them. Didn’t work. Yeah, just don’t try to be green when it comes to bird nests. Unless you want to use it as a candy dish and that’s just gross. I’m pretty sure that’s how people get the bird flu.


On a happier note we had a great time with church/school staff on July 4th cooking out and doing fireworks with the kids in the front yard. About the time a bottle rocket landed on a roof at the same time a policeman drove by we decided we should be done. But it was fun while it lasted.

Lesson #2: Save the bottle rockets for the beach or the country. Not the city limits.


This week Mitchell was at a lego robotics camp at our local community college. It was a lot of fun for him although he really enjoys building more than programming. This was a great experience for him.


While he was doing his lego thing Sophie and I had some special girl time. We got our nails done one day and walked our little downtown and got ice cream. It was a fun time together.


I found this adorable whicker basket in one of my favorite little shops called Mish Mosh. I’m thinking I may go back and get it if it’s not already sold. It would be so cute with long twigs coming out or some lighted stalks of something. But I’m being budget girl right now so I’m not spending money on things that aren’t needs. I don’t know though, sometimes you just need a whicker basket.


 Lesson #3: Don’t try to explain what a Mammogram is to your children. 

I was praying with someone over the phone this week who was about to have a mammogram and she was very anxious about it. We prayed and apparently I used the word “mammogram” enough times for our seven year old to ask me about it when I got off the phone. Ironically she was content to accept my simple answer of, “It’s a test that helps Doctors determine if you have cancer.”

But it was our teenage son that asked a million questions. What kind of test? How do they do the test? Where do they do the test? Have you had the test? Do men have the test? Is it a shot? I tried so very hard to avoid specific answers for whatever reason. Maybe because I just found it awkward? But finally I was pressed so hard with the questions that I just unloaded and gave the full description.

Mitchell’s eyes were are as wide as saucers and Sophie is belly aching with laughter. Mitchell is horrified at the thought and in pure shock. He asks if Sophie would ever have to have one and when I replied in the affirmative her laughing suddenly came to an abrupt halt. I told her she had to grow them first and then wait for like 25 years before she had to have one so she didn’t need to worry about it.

When Randy got home for dinner the kids revisit the mammogram conversation and start telling Randy, complete with sound effects and charade type gestures, what a mammogram is.  I’m pretty sure Randy was in about as much shock as the kids were because after 21 years of marriage this is one topic we’ve never really discussed.

I’m just hoping it doesn’t come up in church or school as a prayer request soon. I can just see my kids requesting prayer for all the 35 year old women and up that will have to endure a mammogram. Nice.

Alrighty then, that’s what we’ve learned the last two weeks. What about you? Learning anything practical you’d like to share with the rest of us?


Some things we can quit. Need to quit. Church is not one of them for the believer.


Call me biased but I’m really not. I’ve just totally bought into the idea that God designed his people to be an active part of the church – both locally and globally on some level.

global church: includes followers of Jesus in all locations (we tend to think of this in terms of missions)

local church: includes particular followers of Jesus in a particular location (and this would be local churches of various denominations)

Francis Chan states in the book “Multiply”, “If you are not connected with other Christians, serving and being served, challenging and being challenged, then you are not living as He desires, and the church is not functioning as He intended.”

I know that’s a strong statement and some would disagree especially if they are a  follower of Christ “doing church at home” consistently for whatever reason. I’ve talked with people who have pulled out of the church for various reasons and it breaks my heart because the Bible says the local church is important.

God has entrusted local churches with godly leaders who teach us His Word and care for our souls. (Heb. 13:17, I Pet. 5:1-8, I Tim. 3:1-13, 5:17; Titus 1:5-9)

God has united us together in local churches to keep one another from sinning and straying from Christ (Gal. 6:1-5; Matt. 18:15-20)

God has commanded us to gather together in local assemblies where we preach God’s Word, celebrate the Lord’s Supper, baptize new believers, and pray for and encourage one another (Act.s 2:42; Heb. 10:24-25)

Then we scatter to care for believers and share the gospel with unbelievers (Acts. 2:43-47)

If we approach our faith with a “just me and God” mentality then our faith will never thrive in the way God intended.

I read a statement recently of a Christian woman who talked about leaving the church and how leaving the church meant following God. From what I could tell that didn’t mean leaving one church for another church. And that happens. God at times leads us from one church to another. But he would never lead us away from his church in exchange for a lone ranger Christian lifestyle with no local church. He never contradicts himself. What concerned me is the amount of comments and support that followed in this article from other Christians. They seemed to feel justified and validated in saying their good byes to the church as well. Each had a story of their church experience gone wrong and why they left and have been happier ever since – even found God in a way they never had before at church.

We are living in a world that is changing rapidly. And even some of our mainstream  Christian leaders are changing in their view and acceptance of our culture. It is critical to our faith walk that we find a local church that teaches the truth of God’s word while being committed to sharing this truth with our community.

If you’ve been hurt by the church, I’m so sorry. But give it another try. If you’re in between finding churches I pray God will lead you to a Bible teaching church that is aware of our culture and it’s needs but will not sway in the interpretation and declaration of the scriptures.

In looking for a church remember there are no perfect people or perfect churches. You can’t always get a feel for a church in one or two services. Be fair and at least give it a month or longer of attending all services unless you find something right off the bat that you know you can’t tolerate. Ask about a new members or church informational class and attend without feeling one ounce of pressure to join the church afterwards. If you are married, pray with your spouse about the decision and ask God to make it very clear to you as a couple where he wants you to serve and grow. And if you’re attending church without your better half no worries there. I know it can feel awkward at times for you but truly you are welcomed and wanted in the church family. And who knows maybe your spouse will come eventually. Don’t let coming alone keep you from coming.

There is too much at stake to just quit church no matter how bad your experience was or how busy you are or…………

I promise you God will bless you as you move back into the church he designed you to be a part of. You will find your place there as you seek him through the process.

Are you in the middle of a church transfer? I’d love to pray for you. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Even if you don’t agree with what’s being said.

Why I don’t always say I’m a pastor’s wife immediately

It’s funny to me how the atmosphere can change instantly when people find out you’re a pastor or a pastor’s wife. That look of “deer in the headlights” comes over some people and if there were a quotation bubble over their head it would read, “Oh crap, holy crap that is, I just cussed in front of the preacher and offered him a beer all in the same sentence!” This is usually followed by a running commentary of the wonderful things they have done in life to date.

Some people feel the need to list their family’s perfect church attendance history from their past life and share their off-the-charts charitable giving. Seems like somewhere along the line everyone’s Granddad’s Granddad was a preacher and so that comes out as well as other Christianly sounding credentials.

If the person had used any colorful language prior to the pastor/pastor’s wife coming out of the closet then it ceases immediately and there is awkward stumbling over words and a lack of eye contact. Many times the conversation ends with “see you at church on Sunday” even though they don’t have the slightest intention of coming to church. And it’s just all around strange.

Annnnnd this is why I don’t always introduce myself as a pastor’s wife immediately. To avoid the weirdness.

I watched a similar scenario go down recently as I got to know a woman over a few weeks. I really forgot about the whole pastor’s wife thing. I wasn’t trying to hide it from her, I just thought she knew. And when I referred to my husband preaching she got the glazed over look and said, “Your husband is the pastor?”  I said, “Yeah, I thought you already knew that.” She said, “Uhhh nope. (hits herself in the forehead)  Oh blankety blank. Oh wow. I can’t believe that. This whole time we’ve been talking and you just seem so normal and all.”

I thanked her because rarely am I ever called normal. Ha! She had a good nervous laugh and things were only slightly weird for a minute or two. Or so I think. I wondered if she suddenly thought she was a “project” or thought “oh, that explains the interest in me. You’re paid to do this kind of thing.” I don’t know. All I can do is just hope she knows my title as pastor’s wife doesn’t make me any different than the girl who sat and listened to her story because I was genuinely interested and concerned.

I love being a pastor’s wife and I don’t begrudge it for one second but I do hold back sharing my title as a PW in some cases for the sake of avoiding the weirdness and other times I just forget I am one. Because what matters most is who we are not what our position is.



When God responds to our giving

I shared recently about our reluctant but willing heart in something we felt God calling us to do. I am cautious in sharing for fear it might be taken the wrong way but I can’t help but want to share what God did. The day we gave into God and put forth what we knew he was telling us to give financially we told the kids that God would honor obedience. God wasn’t bound by our obedience in anyway way. He didn’t owe us anything and we shouldn’t give so that we can get things in return BUT God honors and rewards an obedient heart. We encouraged our kids to be on the look out for God at work in the area of provision. It could be months down the road. We might not actually see it anytime soon but to be sure – he will provide our needs.

So we started this board the day of the offering. A way to record the ways we see God providing for us.


And literally on the first day we started it we had something to write on it. And the second day and the third. God has been providing and our kids have seen God in a new and fresh way. What started out with tears and resistance has been a process that has grown our faith incredibly, as a family.

About four days into recording God’s provision a huge storm came our way complete with 60 mph winds and hail. The next day we found a huge limb that landed on the edge of our porch but somehow missed the roof/gutter. It would’ve done some serious damage. God protected us. What’s even more wild is that a tree man had just come by our house several months earlier saying he would cut that exact limb down for us because it was dead and would eventually do roof damage if it came down. He wanted $200 to take it down. We passed. When I looked at that very limb on the ground and saw what God had done – protected and provided –  I yelled for the kids to come outside. I showed them and told them about the limb and ya’ll I saw a huge light bulb go off in Mitchell’s and Sophie’s head. Mitchell says to me, “Ohhhhh I know where this is going! We paid God to take that limb down.”

Well……not exactly but yeah, you totally get it!

A few days later we go the mailbox and the only piece of mail is a $400 check from a family friend we see every few years. What???? Are you kidding me???? I call the kids in and sit on the couch and show them the check. Eyes are wide and the provision of God is once again cemented into their hearts and minds. At dinner time we revealed the good news to Randy and he too was in awe of God’s faithfulness.




Three days I’ll never forget

So I signed myself up for three days of “day camp” for Sophie and her friends while her big brother was at overnight camp. And truly these are three days I’ll never forget because we really had so much fun. It was a lot of work but I loved every second of it. Every morning we started out with a craft in the “Art room” (dining room). These were crafts I ordered online and found on Pinterest. Painting was the favorite. I loved these Trees of Life that I found on youtube made with water bottle caps.


Once we finished our art project for the day we played outside with sidewalk chalk. Grab clothes out of the “too small” container and put them outside to make people out of. The girls loved this.


Then we came back inside for snack and a table etiquette lesson. We started very basic and just learned how to set a table properly; how to make it pretty with flowers and linens and why we do this. Not to impress others but to serve and honor them by doing the best we can to bring God glory. The girls took turns stripping the table and then setting it all by themselves and the other girls would check to see if they needed to change anything. They all went home with a print out of how to set a table properly.


We also did a random act of kindness each day. We went to the ice cream store and gave notes with $5 in it to pay for someone’s ice cream. And then went to visit some elderly friends at the nursing home and gave out cards. My personal favorite was passing out popsicles at the park. We had 40 popsicles and happened upon a group of 37 kids from the rec. department. The girls handed out the popsicles and the director and all the kids were so appreciative and moved by their act of kindness. She told the girls at the end of it all, “I want you to know that you have given us the desire to do the same thing ya’ll did. And our group will do this as well. Thank you.” I told the girls God used their little day camp of 4 to impact a much larger group and to never think they are too young to spread the love of Jesus. I loved how God opened up that opportunity and showed these girls that His love spreads! So awesome.


My all time favorite part of our three days happened today when went flower picking. We stopped at the park and picked some roses. Public property!


Okay, so the next picture is not so much public property but nobody lives there and we needed beautiful fresh flowers for the table for the special lunch we were about to put on for all the Moms…. so we picked them. Well, they picked them. I drove the get-away van. There was one yard where we knocked and knocked on the door to ask if we could pick the pink hydrangea that was dragging the ground. The one in about 50 that were in the yard. But nobody came to the door and so I snagged it on the way out and hoped like crazy I hadn’t just undone everything I had taught these girls the last three days. Yikes. Randy’s gonna kill me if he reads this. It was just one and we tried to ask and I feel sure they would’ve said yes???? I know! It was just plain bad to do that with four little girls in tow. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

IMG_0107 IMG_0108 IMG_0115

We concluded our day camp by hosting a special lunch for the Moms. The girls set the table all by themselves and served the food and took drink orders. We were so proud of them.

IMG_0121 IMG_0123 IMG_0133



Summer reads and a caution about beach novels

I’ve got several books I’m reading right now and thought I’d share a few of them.

1) Multiply by Francis Chan. This is a great discipleship book for both the new believer and the long time believer looking to share his/her faith. Takes the fundamentals of the Christian faith and lays it out in an easy and direct way. I’m excited about starting up a group next week with a few women who are seeking God and desiring to grow.

2) Spiritual Misfit A Memoir of Uneasy Faith by Michelle DeRusha. I really enjoy Michelle’s writing and her book is wonderful.

3) Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa-Jo Baker. This is another memoir I’m reading which surprised me because I’m not usually a memoir genre type but I have really enjoyed this book. Lisa-Jo never saw herself as a Mom and she talks about “everything she never expected about being a Mom.”

4) Am I messing up my Kids?…and other questions every Mom asks by Lysa TerKeurst. We are reading this for a Mom’s book club that meets at the end of Summer and it is fabulous! I love it. She had me laughing out loud in the first chapter and almost everyone after. It is really great stuff. Easy read and has some great scripture at the end of each chapter to meditate on and really think about in regards to your own parenting. Revealing and convicting sometimes.

5) Petals on the Wind by V.C. Andrews. – Okay people I made a huge mistake by purchasing this book as my summer beach novel. I had no clue what I was getting into. I read the back of the book and thought to myself, “cool, an attic type ghost story. I’ll love this book.” Oh.My.Word. Nope! Not good. Don’t go there. Don’t buy this book. I’m going to confess that I am disappointed that I read this book in it’s entirety when I should have trashed it at the first objectionable scene. But I didn’t. I wanted to know the rest of the story so I skipped the “bad parts” and kept on reading. But the only way I knew they were bad was when I read the parts so I was already there reading stuff I shouldn’t be reading. I see how easy it is to get sucked into novels that are not wholesome all because of wanting to know the end of the story. And if we are honest with our fleshly selves we might even admit that there’s a part of us that might want to read the objectionable parts even though we know it shouldn’t be part of a growing believer’s reading diet. And so I say from failed experience and caution: be careful what you read and know that what enters our mind eventually works its way into our hearts which ultimately impacts our relationships. This can be a good thing or a very bad thing depending on what we’re reading.

So what are you reading this Summer?


Grappling with giving it back to him

I shared last week how God answered a prayer four years later. His provision was in the form of a check. And it came at the time we were asking Him to provide for us so we could give to our church for a special offering for an immediate need we had. Randy and I discussed what we felt was the right amount considering many unexpected expenses that had come up at the same time.

We basked in the fact that we would have plenty to share for our church offering and then a nice chunk to pay for our car expenses. We were reservedly happy. Reserved because inside we both knew God was calling us to give more than we were agreeing to. Randy and I talked it over together. We were both feeling the same way. And so we gave in to the Spirit’s leading and we gave what we wanted to hold on to originally. As we explained to our kids what we felt God was calling us to give as a family the response was interesting. Our seven year old started tearing up. Her response was, “If we give that then we won’t have enough to buy a car.” Little does she know it would take ten times as much to buy a car.  And then there’s the teenager saying, “That’s crazy because God gave us that money and why would he turn around and say, ‘Oh I want it back’.”

Those were some great thoughts and I wanted to scream, “I know, right!” But I tried to explain as best I could in my own heart that was also still slightly clingy, to the gift God had given, that it will cost us to give back to God. It belongs to him, he provided it and sometimes he wants to know if we’ll hold on loosely to what he entrusts to us to reveal what we love most.

And so I write this post out of a heart that admits my tight grip and a desire to be more quick to be open handed. God got a hold of our hearts and we’re learning it costs to give. But it’s worth every penny……even the ones you don’t have to give.


What Father’s provide that Mom’s can’t and a word to Single Moms.

I am blessed that I had a loving, faithful, earthly father to help point me to Jesus. I miss him like crazy. My father was a wise man with a strong but gentle leadership style. He was a quiet man with a warm smile and a kind heart. In all his kindness though he could scare the living daylights out of you. And I don’t mean like hard spankings. But in efforts to teach the best lesson in the most memorable way he’d take some risks. Like the time he was teaching me to drive for the first time ever. He put me in a stick shift, even though an automatic was an option, and smack dab at the steepest point of our straight down driveway says, “Okay, don’t strip the gearshift. You can do it!”  Yeah, I miss those days with my Dad. And tomorrow I’m remembering my Father and thanking God for him.


And then there’s my hubs who is an amazing father to our children. I’m thankful for the risks he takes with our kids as well – and I guess this is what Dads do. They take our kids places we as Moms might not dare to go otherwise. And even in all their risk taking adventures Dads provide a strength and stability that Moms need and that their kids need. Our children are blessed to have a Dad who spends time with them, who builds them up and is willing to point out the truth even when it hurts. The patience involved in teaching a teenager how to work hard and mow straight lines can be equally painful for both Father and son but that’s what Dad’s do. They train and they don’t say everything they’re thinking all at once. They build up and encourage even when it’s hard.

IMG_0013 IMG_0014

Tonight we will try to let Randy know how much we love him as a Father and the leader of our home. We’ve fixed a nice meal on china for him and we’ll have homemade pound cake out on the porch and celebrate Father’s Day. And tomorrow we’ll celebrate as a church the fathers both young and old. I love Randy’s touch on Father’s Day at church. Last year it was ice cold cokes in bottles and Moon Pies. Tomorrow he has another treat for all the Dads and kids. He gave away rolls of duct tape for special category Dad’s: Dad with the most remote controls, etc. Fun stuff. He has some fun thing lined up for tomorrow.

IMG_0016My heart goes out to my single Mom friends and to those who may find Father’s Day just plain hard. I’m so sorry it’s hard for you. I want to share with you these promises you have from the greatest of all Fathers. The omnipresent Father who will never leave you or your children. Ever. Rest in these true words of your Creator.

Psalm 68:5
A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.

Psalm 10:1 But you, God, see the trouble of the afflicted; you consider their grief and take it in hand. The victims commit themselves to you; you are the helper of the fatherless.

Deut. 24:19 When you are harvesting in your field and you overlook a sheaf, do not go back to get it. Leave it for the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow, so that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands.

*When I read scripture I see three groups of people that God continually looks out for in a unique way. The foreigner, the fatherless and widows. He even goes to say there is special blessing for those who bless these groups of people. I believe God died for and loves all people the same. But I believe our God, who is very rich in compassion and mercy, has a special place in his heart for the those hurting in these specific areas and He has made special provision for you. It might not always feel like it. You might feel like the ugly duckling not belonging and missing out but if we take God at his word then we’ll see He really is for you. Be blessed my friends because God’s had your back from the beginning of time. He won’t stop now.

Oh church, if this admonition in Deut. 24:19 isn’t a reminder of how we should be caring for those around us and in our church then what will be? Do you want God to bless ALL the work of your hands? Who doesn’t, right? Well then, let’s get busy caring for the widows, the fatherless, and the foreigners. We can get all nit picky on “who is a foreigner” and who truly constitutes as “the fatherless” but let’s not. Let’s just care for those around us and not pick it to death where we end up doing nothing for fear we haven’t found the perfectly biblically correct “fatherless” person. May God use us all to minister the way He has designed us to.

Happy Father’s Day!