Adoption – When to tell

Our kids have known from early on that they are adopted. We decided from the beginning that we would tell them their adoption story starting when they were even too young to understand. So at about six months of age we started telling each one their adoption story. We make it short and fun ….like the part where we got pulled over by a policeman and almost got a ticket. I always act like a speeding maniac while telling that part of the story and I have a pretty good impression of a siren that is usually loud and very annoying but Mitchell loves it every time.

We tell them where we were when we got “the call” and how we rushed around like crazy people dropping things and doing insane things like accidentallybuying a baby card in Spanish. We talk about what it was like to see them for the first time. And then we get to explain to them that God very purposefully created them inside another woman’s body knowing that she would make a loving decision to allow them to be adopted into our family. That before they were even born God knew and planned for them to be with us. This was God’s sovereign plan and how awesome it is to be a part of that. My prayer is that they will always view their adoption as part of God’s perfect plan and nothing less.