Culinary Disaster

Introducing my most recent culinary disaster….. char grilled, char-colate chip muffins.

photo (70)

It’s easy. All you do is cook them on 425 for about ten minutes longer than they should be and whah-lah there you have it.

photo (69)

Let’s just put it this way – the pans are still soaking in my kitchen sink. And these were the muffins I was supposed to offer at Bible Study last night. Our first night of our new Bible Study.  And that’s what my contribution was looking like.

Let me paint the picture…..

Mitchell had been in the dining room doing homework. He comes running in the kitchen and says, “Mom, are you roasting marshmallows?” I resisted the urge to say, “Yeah buddy, I whipped us up a campfire and I’m puttin’ on some roasted marshmallows for dinner.” The only way we roast marshmallows is by totally enflaming them with fire where they get that awesome burn smell – well, that’s exactly what you’ll smell with chargrilled muffins. I pulled these suckers out of the oven and Mitchell says to me, “Cool, atomic bombs!!!!” He was just cracking jokes left and right about my muffins. Sophie was very serious about the ordeal. She said, “Mom, you CAN’T take those to Bible Study tonight!” I said, “I know!!!!!” in the most gently motherly way I could.

And then the thought hit me……how many times do we feel so unworthy to bring anything to the churchy table – or embarrassed to bring anything. We feel like we have nothing to offer and when we feel this way church or Bible Study may be the last place we want to be at because suddenly everyone around us looks and feels more spiritual, more put together.

And so I brought my muffins to Bible Study. And there they sat on the beautifully decorated table as a reminder that there is always a place for us at the table. Always. And even when we feel absolutely beat up by the world, our family or friends even, there can be a community of believers that will bear our burdens and pray for us. That is what church is. It’s a place you can bring your petrified muffins and still be okay. Ha! Ha! That just sounds so cheesy and wrong but it really is true. Or I should say it’s becoming more true of our church. And I love that.