Flower Find

fruit and flowers 014

This is my latest flower find in my neighborhood! A simply gorgeous tree that blooms everywhere around here. I have no idea what it is but there’s a vacant house across the the street from us and this purplicious tree has branches spilling over onto the sidewalk so I figure it’s totally fine for me to snip some branches and clean up the street some. I have enjoyed them so much this week. And yes, I did take my step stool with me across the street and climb onto it to snip the branches. I think I must have felt somewhat guilty about it because a lady walked by and I looked down from my step stool and asked her if she wanted some. A total stranger walking for exercise and out of the blue I ask if she would like some of the branches I was cutting. That’s just weird. She was really nice but declined my offer to tote around purples branches on the rest of her 5K. See, that’s what happens when you start buffing the body with power walks and such….you don’t take time to steal the flowers. What a shame! Ha! Okay, for real ya’ll, I did NOT steal the flowers. They are across from my house and it’s a totally overflowing tree that extends beyond the fence and into the premises of the public sidewalk. See, I’m not guilty at all. Just paranoid that I might get caught. There’s a difference.