The art of stealing flowers

Flowers are by far a fetish of mine. Tulips are my favorite and they’re in major bloom right now which means we’ve had tulips in our house for the last several weeks. Walmart has them for really cheap. Like almost two dozen for $5.00. But after buying them for three weeks in a row I decided I should not spend anymore of the grocery money on flowers. The children probably wouldn’t understand why they had to eat tulip petals for breakfast because there was no cereal in the house. So I fought the urge to buy those gorgeous tulips the last time I went shopping. And I was rather proud of my self discipline. That is, until I walked by my neighbor’s yard. And her flowers were just begging me to pick them. Really, ya’ll, they were. It was very tempting to just snip them right then and there because I did have a pair of scissors on hand in case I found something beautiful that was begging to go home with us. But I didn’t.

I decided I should wait til dark.

Or a more novel idea would be to just ask our neighbor for a clipping.  I told Randy about my idea and he was mortified. I said, “Oh but they are so beautiful, Randy, and she has tons of them!” And he replied very matter-a-factly, “Annnnd, they’re THEIRS.” I laughed and said, “Okay, so I’ll go in the dark and snip them.” That’s when he about had a heart attack. He was finally okay with me calling and asking our neighbors for a clipping and it ended up being such a good thing because we had so much fun together. She even sent Sophie home with a big wheel to borrow for the afternoon. Not to mention these that I came home with:

flowers 005

I’m not sure what type of tree this was. An orange blossom or something like that she said. It had huge thorns on it so I had to trim those off. I threw in some yellow jasmine and I’m loving this arrangement.

flowers 009

A real pretty cutting of her huge camellia bush thrown in a round vase I’ve had for years. It’s a great size vase for magnolia and larger blooms.

flowers 002

A repeat of the orange blossom tree thingy. Just two branches put in my Grandmother’s old vase. I love the simplicity of this in our kitchen.

flowers 003

She had three different types of camellia bushes and for some reason I felt guilty taking from all three so I just took from two. This is maturity friends, maturity I say! I’m growing up. Okay, so these camellia’s are also in a dish of my Grandmother’s. I realize all these flowers will be like dead in one to three days but I don’t care. They add such a beautiful freshness to a home and even if it’s just for a few days it’s worth it.