An Oath to fellow infertile sisters


I, Melody, an IF survivor, hereby solemnly swear the following:

I will not ask you, “Don’t you guys want kids?”

I promise not to offer TTC advice as if you’ve never thought about these things before…..I will refrain hard from telling you to “do it” on an elevated board.

I will not tell you to flippin’ relax!

I will not talk about my kids the entire Girl’s Night Out.

I will understand if you’re ever-so-crabby while on IF drugs

I won’t lecture you about being on birth control the first few years of marriage.

I will offer you the bulk pack of tissues on Mother’s Day.

I will pray for you.

I will tell you that I understand what you’re going through because I’ve walked the IF road.

I will tell you that only God can get you through the path of IF with joy and peace and your true self still in tack.

I will remind you that you WILL get through this.

And finally, I swear I’ll be one of the happiest people on this earth for you when your baby is in your arms!