Mitchell’s Adoption Story

Adoption has been an amazing eye opening experience for us. One that has given us more glimpses into the sovereignty of God. It has also been a precious reminder of the spiritual adoption that takes place when He brings us into His family.

Our adoption story began with us finding a strong Christ-centered adoption agency. We loved the philosophy of this agency and felt very much like this was the place that would help unite our future family.

They told us to be prepared to wait up to three years. Ugghh! That was disappointing to hear. I had been prepared for maybe two years max but three years was a long time. But that was okay, we knew this was the place for us. We were just glad to have all our paperwork done. It was a huge sigh of relief for us. Now all we had to do was wait for God to bring the child He was forming or going to form.

Many people asked us if we were going to go ahead and make a nursery while we waited. The adoption agency said we would have a two month heads up so we knew we had plenty of time to pull something together when that phone call came. So we decided to just wait until then. The thought of passing by a baby room for three years would be a little tough on the maternal nerves.

I was working full time and Randy was pastoring our church. I will never forget the day we got “THE CALL”. I was at work and the agency director called and said, “We have a baby!” She said some other stuff but that’s all I heard at the moment. The last thing I heard was, “You need to come down day after tomorrow.” I said, “Wait, when is the baby going to be born?” She said, “You don’t understand, he’s already born and you need to come get him!” I was flippin’ out.

About that time Randy came to my office with flowers and a card. He had also gotten the same phone call from our director and was coming to celebrate our baby. He was so excited that when he stopped to get flowers and a card he accidentally got a baby card that was written in complete Spanish! THAT was cracking me up.

We were for real like a couple about to go the hospital. I was dropping papers everywhere. I couldn’t think straight. We were so excited.

So I went and told my boss that our baby was here and that I would see her in about 18 years. She was so excited for us.

We called our family and friends and they started working with us to pull together a nursery. We had a total of 48 hours to get our stuff together.

We turned one of the extra bedrooms into a nursery in less than 24 hours and we loved the finished product. To have no ideas up to that point God really helped us come out with an awesome little man cave for our newborn.

The next morning we were exhausted but of course so excited to meet our baby boy, the one whom God had been preparing for us.

We picked up all the grandparents and began our trip to pick up our baby. We already had a name picked out and when we stopped once for dinner I carved his initials in the table at Outback Steak House. Don’t tell anyone.

Our entire family was simply giddy. We could hardly contain ourselves. We finally got to our agency and our parents waited in one room while Randy and I waited in another room so we could be the first ones to hold our son. They brought Mitchell to us and our hearts just melted. He was precious. We just soaked him up and loved on him for a while and then prayed to God thanking Him for giving us our son.

The grandparents were getting restless so we took Mitchell into see them and they fought over who got to hold him first. It was so awesome. They loved him so much.

God is faithful and we were watching His faithfulness unfold before our eyes.  The God who closed my womb for reasons we will never understand was gracious to fill our arms and hearts with a child of purpose, for His glory.