Sophie’s Adoption

As a family we had been praying about adopting again. We all wanted a little girl but we were open to the child God would place in our arms.

We had been applied with our agency for two years and the only correspondence we received after being approved was a letter. It encouraged all the waiting couples to be applying with other adoption agencies because they had so many couples and not as many babies. It wasn’t looking so great. With our first adoption experience we were prepared to wait three years and it only took nine months. This time was completely different.

We had just about put it out of our minds altogether and didn’t really even find ourselves praying as much as we had in the beginning. We were super busy and simply enjoying life as the three of us.

We were having a blast with Mitchell. He is so full of life and just hilarious. He kept us in stitches and life couldn’t be any better.

We were at that place of complete satisfaction when the PHONE CALL came once again.

Mitchell and I were at the doctor’s office with my Mom when the call came in. Our case worker identified herself and reminded us what agency she was with. She didn’t waste much time and said, “We have a baby girl…….” She said a bunch of other things but all I could hear was baby girl. The rest of it sounded like that teacher on Charlie Brown.

I knew Randy was on a ladder painting so I called him and said, “Honey, get off the ladder I have something to tell you! We have a daughter!!!!”

Last time we had 2 days to get ready and we always wondered and looked forward to the next adoption because we knew we would have more time. But suddenly 48 hours was looking mighty fine because we had less than 7 hours to get our baby girl!

Once again we were scattered, excited, nervous and just couldn’t wait to get her. We had to do some quick work though: updated physicals, etc. but we got it all done because everyone was so gracious to work with us.

Randy had to drive to meet me and so I asked him to bring one container out of the attic. I described very clearly to him which one we needed.…the one with burp clothes and baby clothes in it. He was so addled that he ended up bringing every single Rubbermaid container in our attic!!!! I had to laugh.

And again, we all piled in a van and drove to pick up our daughter. The only thing missing this time was my Dad. He passed away two years prior and wouldn’t have missed this night for anything if he was still alive.

On the way down we discussed names for her. Mitchell was so excited to be picking up his little sister. He was gaining more of an understanding what his adoption was like and the events leading up to it. We were able to tell him things and he was experiencing things for the first time that would help him identify with his own adoption. It was pretty neat.

We finally made it to the adoption agency and Randy, me and Mitchell sat in one room while the family waited in another room. Mitchell was sitting in between us and in walked the caseworker. She placed Sophie in Mitchell’s arms. She was tiny and beautiful. So still. Wrapped in a precious pink blanket. Mitchell was doing so good holding her. After a minute or so of us looking at her she moved her arm and Mitchell said, “COOL! She’s alive!!” We laughed and then made him give us a turn holding her.

I held her next and almost ate her up she was so sweet. Randy held her and then we brought her in

Because this happened so fast and near a Holiday we did not tell anyone back at our church. Randy was making an announcement before the service began and I walked in late with Sophie. One friend who was on the praise team noticed immediately that a baby was in my arms and she just knew in her heart it was our baby. And she gasped and mouthed really loud , “Is she yours?” And everyone turned around and met Sophie for the first time. Mitchell introduced her to the church and it was really so, so fun.

I don’t think anyone heard a word of Randy’s sermon that day because of that preacher’s kid!

Sophie came to us in such different circumstances. We were prepared in different ways and God taught us so much through her.

She has been a precious addition to our family and we believe with all our hearts that she was created by God and for God’s glory. But I also firmly believe she was created with us in mind.

We laugh and say over and over, “God went to a lot of trouble to bring us our kids!” And yes, he could have, in an instant, snapped his fingers and formed Sophie inside my womb but for reasons HE KNOWS, He chose not to. I wish I knew those reasons but I won’t ever know them. Maybe in heaven I will …..or will I really care then?