When tragedy hits – we have a choice

Our hearts are all aching for Oklahoma right now in the midst of their sheer devastation. A school involved. Children among the death toll. The sudden nature of it all. It’s overwhelming and incomprehensible. The news is what most of are watching – online or on our televisions. Tears stream even though many of us don’t know these people. But that doesn’t matter. The human heart is breaking for complete strangers. And compassion builds up and a heaviness forms within us.

And we have a choice.

We can get mesmerized by interviews and late breaking news and so overcome with sadness that we just shuffle away in depression. Or, as we become informed, we can pray to the One true God who can bring peace and comfort in the midst of unspeakable horror. We can pray for the people we see interviewed in that moment. It takes an element of strength to speak publicly but imagine the recurring nightmares of sights and sounds they heard on May 20th, 2013.  A day forever etched in Oklahoma resident’s minds. A day that will stand out in history forever.

I want to be able to say I did more than just “remember where I stood when I got the news of the 2 mile wide Oklahoma tornado that took almost 100 lives”.  Because of God’s great love He has given us the ability to reach His throne through prayer. And not only for ourselves but for others as well. A true gift.

So let’s not waste time on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Oklahoma. The greatest thing we can offer right now is our prayers for them. It makes a profound difference.