When Pinterest fails you and posers crash your nativity scene.

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. It’s because of pictures like these. It looks so simple. Like all you do is go out in your front yard and pluck a few magnolia branches and then dig out your first grader’s red paint and whalah you have festive Pinterest leaves. Nah. It ain’t so.


This is more like it……


Thinly painted (even though it’s 6 coats) and dried out Kindergarden looking art work. Two leaves made me say some not very nice things so imagine what the entire branch would do to my sanity. It’s obvious you need some kind of specialty paint – maybe its just spray paint but I didn’t have any and I really thought tempera paints would do. Um nope. So back outside the branch with two red leaves went. Such an odd sight really. Brought back memories of being a Home Economics minor and never quite fitting in any of my Home Ec. classes. Oh, it’s so true. In sewing 101 I made a short sleeve blouse that was so tight up under my armpits  it cut the circulation off my arms. But I wore that thing – purple arms and all – because I made it. Never fit in. Just like these two red leaves.

So sometimes the decorating attempts don’t go over so well and other times they do with no apparent reason why.

Here’s the mantle – it still needs more greenery but I’m waiting to get some tree clippings when the neighbors are sleeping. Ha! Kidding. No, actually I’m not kidding.

Do you know notice anything different in the pictures below…like “which one of these things is not like the others?”


If you guessed the Mine Craft posers then you got it right.  Nothing like having a creeper pose as a wise man or Steve as a nutcracker. Our son doesn’t say a word. He just places his latest lego creation amongst the Christmas decor as if it has always belonged there. And I love this about him.


And for some Christmas drama and reason #10001 why we don’t do Elf on the Shelf:


It’s dangerous.

See the bike next to the elf? It’s made of metal and it fell on.my.head and about knocked me out. Okay, not really but it hurt. That was the last ‘trick’ Elfano ever did. We have an off brand elf that’s missing a nose with a Hispanic name. “Elfano”. He wrote a note and signed it Elfano with the intent of having an Italian accent but instead it was read by the kids as El-fano with a Spanish twist and it has stuck. Trust me, it’s no problem-o. It’s just very typical of our family.  But ever since the elf induced injury he pretty much just sits on a shelf (ironic isn’t it) and gets moved like every 12 days. Lame but true.

Hope you are having a great start to the Christmas season!