Frying Pan Armor and other miscellany

Mornings in our household aren’t boring. Mitchell wakes up full throttle bounding down the stairs exclaiming, “I’m alive!!!!” I’m not sure if he’s surprised or just excited to still be living and breathing. Either way it does my soul good to hear his energy and excitement proving he is indeed alive and well. Yes, very alive. This week he suited up in frying pan armor? I guess because you just never know when you might encounter danger in the classroom.


So I sent the picture to my Mom in an email who showed it to my brother who felt inspired to do the same thing. And this is my brother in his frying pan armor. Love my bro!


Later this week my sweetheart showed up in the carpool line to give me these:


So incredibly sweet. I was parked in the carpool line reading my newsfeed and looked up and there he was with fresh flowers in his hand for me.….how awesome was that?! He knows my love for flowers and usually I’m hard to surprise so this was just over the top awesome.

Fantastical Fabulous Freedom Friday (we keep calling it different things and now none of us know what to call it.) was another great Family night tonight with 15 minutes of fame for each person. Sophie chose Wii bowling. Mitchell chose to give an online Mine Craft documentary while we all looked on. Randy chose for all of us to read in the living room. And I chose for us to play Uno and Spot It card games. The idea is catching on and we all look forward to it. Fun times.

The journey to healthy eating is still happening. Just more veggie’s and lean meat and much less sugar. Nothing psychotic or anything. Trying to be realistic about it all. Trying to eat only lean meat Monday-Friday and using weekends to pull out the red meat and dessert. They kids aren’t exactly happy about all this change but they’ve actually done very well with it and I’m proud of them. Mitchell has gone from daily Mississippi Mud’s to once a week ice cream and no sugar snacks after school or juice drinks. He even tried red bell pepper last week. Two bites. But hey, it’s a start! Thankfully I didn’t overdose my family on flaxseed this week like I did a few weeks ago. We all thought we had a stomach virus when I had actually put four too many tablespoons of flaxseed in our smoothies. Ha!!!! Not. good.

I’m loving the Bible Study I’m in right now – study of Gideon by Priscilla Shirer. I’ll share more about that soon. It has been a highlight of my week and God continues to solidify the truths He’s teaching me through this study. I see a new layer of community taking place in our group and this excites me. Community doesn’t happen over night. It’s a slow process and it takes work on everybody’s part. Patience is involved as well as risk. I see all this taking this place and I am thankful to God for His working in our church.

I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I’m surprised I haven’t found my son suited up in pots and pans armor too. lol I’m sure the day will come though.

  2. Yeah, post a picture when the day comes so we’ll know there are “others”. Ha!

  3. your posts always always make me smile:)