What went down in Atlanta

We spent Spring Break in Atlanta at my Mom’s house and we all got struck with the stomach flu – not fun! Bless my Mom’s heart……she was downtown Atlanta at the Aquarium with the kids when she got it. It was just her and the kids and I felt so.bad.for her. We gave it to my brother and sister and their spouses as well. Thankfully we all got over it eventually and still got to do some fun stuff. As Mom said, “This is a memory we’ll never forget!” Well that’s for flippin’ sure.

Somehow in between the rounds of sickness I managed to make a quick trip  to Nordstrom Rack and found this piece of scrumptiousness…..


My previous bad experience with purse shopping had me taking a long hiatus from shopping. I never expected to run upon a lime green MK bag at an amazing price but I did. Whoo-hoo! Please don’t make any sassy comments about it being pea green or me being extremely safe at night because of the electrifying color because all these thoughts went through my head pre-purchase but I risked it being a more happy lemon-lime bag than all those other scary things. It sort of reminds me of the neon green 80’s espirit pants I begged my Mom to buy me in 7th grade. She warned me they were “very green” but I swore up and down I’d wear them….every day if she’d let me. It took being at school all of 5 minutes the next day and a boy saying something about me being greener than a green light and I went home and hid those suckers in the back of the closet hoping my Mother would never find them. But she did. And I wore them a second time and begged my teacher to have class outside so I could sit in the grass so nobody would notice my pants but she wouldn’t go for it and I was scarred for life all because of the neon green pants I thought I had to have. And now in some sick sort of pyscho way I am reverting back to my childhood but with a huge shartruse bag instead of espirit pants. Hey, at least you’ll see me coming folks. And this is what happens when I spend a week in Atlanta – I come back with bags and outfits that just come a tad too close to Circus wearing getups.





  1. i remember those esprit clothes! i didn’t have the green pants, though….

    • they had a matching pink and green top that said espirit across the bottom of the shirt. It was way cool – or so I thought for one day.