3 important lessons in Garage Sale-ing

#1 There really is a difference in a “Garage Sale” and a “Yard Sale”. The difference is this: There will be sixty four people rummaging through your empty garage  at 6:30am even though all the stuff is in the front yard with a sign that says 8:00am.

Who can blame them though. I put “Garage Sale” on all the signs but had everything in the front YARD like a blond headed lime green pant wearing freakazoid. I don’t know what prompted me to do that but I paid for it dearly. All day long people were asking where the garage was. Randy had to ask people to leave the garage at 6:30am and tell them to come back to the front yard at 8am. Really it was pretty funny. I grew up where everything was a garage sale even if it was in your front yard, back yard, country club sample sale, multi family sale at a church parking lot…..it was all a GARAGE SALE. Learned my lesson the hard way this time around.

#2 Let your man do the selling. My man made much more money than I ever would have gotten out of people. I couldn’t sell a punching bag for $10 and he sold it for $25. Same with an ancient kenwood stereo system and speakers. He got double out of it than what I offered. Every time he made a sale we’d all wait for the people to leave and then jump up and down and high five each other. I’m sure we looked desperate to passer-by-ers. Well our kids were desperate. Desperate for an xbox 360. That was our goal for this garage sale and we made it! Whoo-hoo!

#3 People will buy lemonade from a kid even if they are allergic. It has a Norman Rockwell nostalgic effect. And many times they’ll pay more for it than what they’re asking. Okay, so there’s a few grumpy old men that won’t buy it but they cave when they see the brownies.

Garage sales are a lot of work but they are a lot of fun and you meet tons of people in your community. It’s also neat to pray before a Garage Sale, that’s not in your garage, and ask God to meet the needs of people who may need a really good deal on something. That seems to always happen. This time a Grandmother was so excited to buy a really nice kitchen in great shape for her granddaughter for super cheap. I love it when that happens.


They took their headphones off when “customers” walked up. Ha! Mitchell cracked me up when he asked a man if he would like some lemonade and the guy said, “No, thanks I have coffee in my hand.” Without skipping a beat Mitchell said, “Oh, then you need some of our warm coffee cake to go with it.” And the guy laughed and bought some. I’m telling you….my guys know how to make a buck! Or .50 in that coffee cake case.



  1. This is great! We are getting ready to do a garage sale next week (starting Tuesday and ending Saturday!) Great tips! <3

    • Melody says:

      Awesome!Hope it goes great for you guys. I’ve never thought about doing a sale for that long before. Wow, that’s great.

  2. I’m stopping by from the SDG link-up and just had to read your post since it had the words “garage sale” in it. 🙂 I really like your idea for praying for those coming to the garage sale. I know I often pray before going out to garage sales for things our family needs, but had never thought of praying for those who show up at a garage sale we host!

    • Melody says:

      Jen….great to meet you through SDG. Aren’t we all suckers for a good deal at a Garage Sale?! I just love them – both shopping at them and having them. Sometimes I feel Beverly Hillbillies-ish for throwing all kinds of stuff in the yard and slapping bright yellow stickers on it but hey it’s working for us. Ha!

  3. I loved this post – we are prepping for a garage sale soon! You’re right – folks are out very early, but luckily none have actually walked into our nasty garage to try to buy our other not-for-sale junk 🙂

    • Melody says:

      Yeah, this was a first for us as well but then again I usually put “Yard Sale” on those signs. Ha!

  4. Nice comeback Mitchell! Made me laugh out loud. You guys always have the best sales and we always miss them!

    • Melody says:

      We are such last minute garage-salers. We must simply do better at advertising ahead of time. I usually post on Facebook the night I’m tagging which is the night before which is the hour after we decided to have one. Ha!