Bee Your Selfie – Girls Back2School Party

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Our school puts on a Back2School Party for the 4-6th grade girls and boys at the beginning of each school year. This year our theme for the girls was a bumble bee theme and centered around the thought you should “Bee Your Selfie” but not be consumed with your selfie.

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The food and games were fun. We did another digital scavenger hunt where the girls had to go around town getting pictures of their group doing crazy things. The ultimate was when their computer teacher dressed up as a bumble bee and was standing by the honey at our local grocery store waiting for the girls to find this year’s “Mystery Person”. When they found her they had to sing “I’m bringing home my baby bumble bee….” which we had to teach most all of them because nobody knew it. Shut up about how old that makes me.

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Tshirt idea came from a brain storming session with “The Moms”. My creative hubs designed it and once again got some great response from the girls as they really seemed to like them.

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One of “The Moms” spoke to the girls about the importance of knowing who they are in Christ and gaining confidence from Him and not from surface things like the amount of “likes” or comments on Instagram. The girls had some good conversation and were able to share their thoughts on this topic. We went to the scriptures to see what God had to say about these things.

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Do you see that adorable custom made necklace that says “bee your selfie”? A friend of mine hand made 28 of these for our group. As in she stamped out each letter and put the necklace together and then polished them and bagged them up for us. The girls loved them. Could it be any cuter? Should you want to see more of her work go check her out on Facebook at Alodie Blossom Designs. Maria has awesome jewelry with a unique flare. I love her work.

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It was decorating for this party. Thanks to the other Moms we had some cuteness stuff like jars with special labels and polka dot garland and fun headbands. A great team to work with  for sure.

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So the grocery store knew we were coming but had no clue what they had really signed up for when four groups of excited little bumble bee’s came busting through the doors. And then there was Mrs. Brower in her bee costume pretending to be very protective of the honey aisle and threatening to sting anyone who got near it. Ha! She really got into it and the girls loved it.


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I look forward to throwing this party every year. I’m already thinking about next year’s! You know it’s bad when you look for reasons to throw a party. I’m like, “Oh, you got a detention? Well then we should throw a ‘don’t you dare get another one’ party and decorate in all black and not have any fun and memorize Bible verses about having self control. Ha! Kidding. We don’t throw parties for detentions around here.

Have a great weekend friends and don’t forget to just bee yourselfie!


  1. Those necklaces are amazing! What a gift for the girls!
    I have been following along for a bit and would like to invite you here…
    It’s a month long link-up designed to help a small group of bloggers get to know each other better. I don’t know if you’re interested, or have the time, but you would be a terrific addition to our group. No pressure.
    Regardless, I’ll be back! 🙂

    • I’d love to and thank you so much for the invitation. I’ve been amiss at writing lately but really want to get back on board. I’ll be over soon to check out what you’re doing.