When More is Not Enough

Oh friends you will love new author, Amy Sullivan. She was born to write. I love anyone who makes me laugh and gets me thinking seriously all at the same time. And this girl does just that. Please take the time to hear her spirit in this guest post and then go grab her book “When More is Not Enough” for the benefit of your entire family. You won’t get more practical and awesome than this. 

I met Melody at a writing conference.

If you know Melody, you know she radiates a unique I’ve-known-you-forever kind of feel (with an added scoop of sass). Within twenty-four hours of our initial meeting, I learned Melody doesn’t have a problem sticking food up her nose for the sake of a perfect photo op (I do have pictures to prove this), and Melody also taught me about words of encouragement. 

See, at this writing conference, I had several big meetings scheduled, meetings in which I felt very less than qualified to attend.

In a swarm of women scurrying to the next session at this conference, Melody gave me this one sentence note.


Although, Melody may have thought this note would become lost among the handouts received at the conference, I folded up this tiny treasure and have kept it in my wallet ever since.

Three years later, Melody’s twelve words still encourage me. They remind me God is working in me even when I don’t see results and especially when I feel less than qualified.

I’d love to hear about a time when someone’s words brought you encouragement. Share, Share!

Oh and a big PS: In my new book, Melody shares some words about one of my favorite topics: drive-by giving.

 I had no idea that little note would mean so much to my friend. So three years later and here she is with a published work of her heart. A book that both inspires, challenges and causes a few out loud belly laughs. A book that shares her family’s story of pulling out of the typical American consumeristic lifestyle and into a lifestyle of giving and serving. You don’t feel beat up by Amy’s words and you aren’t left wondering how and where to start giving more as a family. I love the conversation starters she includes  for your family to talk about over dinner. This book is extremely practical and one that, if put into practice, could really change your community. Check out the adorable book trailer below……


You can purchase “When More is NOT ENOUGH” by Amy L. Sullivan at Amazon or, thanks to Amy, you can enter to win a free copy by leaving a comment here.


  1. Robyn Addison says:

    Loved watching the video preview. So true with where the Addisons’ are right now. Too busy living life to stop and really love God, each other, and others. So we STOPPED. we stepped out of public school, spending more time on devotionals and life skills, and now 5 weeks into our new life, we have even helped feed the hungry program, where we were the only ones that showed up, and the children were blessed with a flat of strawberries. This book looks like something that will guide me or give me ideas on what my children really need. looking forward to reading it, and having guidance on our new journey.

    • Robyn – didn’t know about your new journey. I will be praying for you guys as it sounds like you have some wonderful ideas. I have a feeling Amy and her family might have been the “only ones” to show up a few times as well. Yes, to this book being a fabulous guide on this new journey you guys are on. I’m excited for ya’ll. Keep me posted!

      • Melody,
        The only ones to show-up? Don’t even get me started on the volunteer babysitting gig at a women’s shelter. A staff of five was promised. When I showed up, it made a staff of one. Can you say heeeellllllp?

    • Robyn,
      I could have written sentences too 2-4. Our family was too busy living to love people or each other well, AND I stepped away from public school too. Wow, I feel you, lady. What an exciting journey you are on. Good job bravely stepping out.