Christmas festivities in full swing


Sophie put on a dress to decorate the tree this year. Adorable. She got hot after about 5 minutes and shed all the clothes. #hotflash


Meet “thingy” – the Christmas ornament I made when I was a kid. Thingy has endured years of ridicule and verbal abuse by my husband and our friends. Our first year of marriage we had friends over for a Christmas party and Randy’s best man in our wedding stole “thingy” off our tree and took it on a trip to Israel with him and sent pictures and a ransom note with it. No really, I’m not kidding for one second. So he’s actually famous, that little ornament I made in second grade.


Sophie had her Christmas program at her school already and it was so good! Love the girls in her class so much. They all get along really well.


The first Christmas party of the season was at Sophie’s Sunday School teacher’s house. She had her kids over for lunch and tons of desserts and then gave them all new Bibles. The kids loved this.


Mitchell made this clay nativity set a few years ago when we first moved to NC. I lost track of the lady who led this class but through Facebook rediscovered her and she is coming to lead a class at my house next week with the girls in Sophie’s class. I’m so excited about this. I love this little nativity set so much and know it will be a keepsake for them one day when they have their own families. If I decide they can take it with them. Ha!


Yeah, about this huge platter. Well, I bought it at Goodwill last year for $2.50 and am determined to use it this season. I served a whopping four garlic breadsticks on it last night at dinner and Randy laughed out loud at the presentation. It had major “gap-o-sis”. That’s a word my Mom always uses in decorating when there is way to much space going on. Tonight I served four cupcakes on it. I think I now know why it was at Goodwill. But it’s really adorably cute for $2.50. Oh well, I’ll use it for the veggie tray I’m taking to an upcoming party. And surely there will be no gaposis.