Open House and memories of a party crasher


We love having our church family over for an open house every year the Sunday before Christmas. I’ll admit that sometimes I get my panties in a  wad over it. You know, thinking people might spot the massive dust bunnies in the corners of the house or cobwebs that have gone unnoticed. I felt more at home at a church member’s house last week than I ever have. Our host and hostess are the sweetest people ever. She can cook up a storm and is always dressed nice. He has more friends than a cat has fleas and has a grand story for every occasion. As our hostess served us in her home I couldn’t help but notice the mismatched socks and one with a hole. She casually said, “Don’t look at my socks. I had to bleach them and one is a different color.” I said, “Are you kidding? I am looking and it makes me feel SO at home!” And that’s exactly how I felt there. I just wished I had seen some dust somewhere so I would feel even more at home. But no dust bunnies there.

Our first year of doing an open house we invited some of our neighbors as well and since we were new to the neighborhood we didn’t know all of our neighbors. We left our front door open and people came strolling in for some cider and goodies. Little did we know we had a party crasher who’d had a bit too much to drink. We just thought she was a neighbor who had received one of our invitations. But upon talking to her more (after she asked if all we had was cider) I realized she never got an invitation. She wasn’t a neighbor. She was just walking down the street and saw lights and people and was hoping for a little something something. When she realized there was only cider in the house she left abruptly and stumbled into a heap on the sidewalk. We got her a ride home and she was okay.  There hasn’t been that kind of drama in the last few years but who knows what might go down tomorrow night. I’ll be sure to post some open house drama if we have it. Like me sending a tray of goodies flying off the platter and onto the floor – yep, have done that before. Or leaving out a major ingredient in the punch. Yeah, that too. We’ll just hope for the best with little to no drama. That would be nice. But I’m always prepared for something crazy to go down around here. That’s just how we roll.

Merry Christmas friends! Have fun with your friends, family and your church family. And if you’re around Main Street tomorrow night swing by for some punch. I dare you to!