Pintest Plans down the drain.


So that’s what I was hoping our Super Bowl Party would be looking like but instead it will be pretty much nothing close to that. It’ll still be awesome though and we’ll have spent less money which is always a good thing.

I threw my back out Thursday night – welcome to middle age….when you change bottom bunkbed sheets and come out getting stuck bent over. So all the plans I had for Friday and Saturday have been shot. When I suggested to the hubs about getting “themed plates” for the Super Bowl Party he laughed and said, “Yeah, okay, honey.” Which is code for, “Whatever chickadee!” He’s thinking I need to get my priorities right and first figure out WHO is playing in the Super Bowl and then get some kicking’ hot nacho dip going on and then we’ll worry about figuring out what we’ll eat on and who cares if it’s Pinterest Cute or not. I know, I know. But I love throwing a party and decorating for it. It’s just so much fun.

Our church is hosting Super Bowl Parties in our homes this year which will be really fun. And for the record….I really do know who’s playing the Super Bowl. Granted I had to google it but I do know. And I know who we’re cheering on and what their colors are. The Sea Hawks. But I forget why. I think there’s a really good Christian quarterback or something something??? I’m not sure about that. I’m excited about the commercials of course. And hanging out with everyone. Even if it’s not worth of a Pinterest Board!

So what are your Super Bowl Plans and who are you hoping wins?


  1. I’m so pathetic. Not only do I not know who is playing (thanks for the Seahawks clue!), I don’t even know when the Super Bowl is! I love the commercials and halftime. I hope to be entertained by those 😉

    • Bahaha! I’m so going to read this comment to my man. You make me feel so much better and you make me look good. HA!! Okay, so turn your tv on this Sunday night at 6:00pm (well, depends on where you live) and you’ll see the Patriots and Seahawks play each other.