Embrace the strangeness!

Okay, you do not need to agree or leave any sassy comments but I’m realizing and owning that we are a strange family. Really, we are. A few examples might include and I wish were limited to the following…..

In our family we’re just sick enough to occassionally turn the iconic red “you’re special” plate into a weapon. If you’re an adult and you get the red plate at your place setting then you know you’ve either been a horses hiney or you did something really stupid. Instead of the plate meaning¬†“you’re special” for me and Randy it subtly means, “I’m not going to but I really ¬†want to break this plate over your head right now.” And yes, we know that’s just strange.


I got the red plate this week for doing something really stupid. It involved wasting a ton of black ink printing off what I thought was a document but instead was a picture. Bad experience altogether. What makes it worse is that I was so proud of myself for learning how to print from my cell phone and even bragged to the entire family while I made one click from one room while the printer started up in another. Little did I know the page would be soaking wet with wasted ink. Yeah, so I got to eat off the red special plate. The kids are always confused by one of us getting the red plate when its not our birthday. But Randy and I laugh under our breath as the other eats crow off the “you’re special plate”. We do it in good humor and fun so no judging okay?

Another strange thing we do as a family is teach our dog commands to nonsensical words. She goes to her crate at night when we say, “Go to jail, Dooley.” She runs to her cozy little space and curls up in a ball. Probably dreaming of a human owner that would use words in the right context.

I’m not sure if this counts as strange or not but our family howls with our dog. Okay, just saying that out loud assures me it’s strange. But it’s the closest thing we get to being “that musical pastor’s family” that stands up on stage and performs so beautifully. In fact I will leave you with a taste of the strangeness here:

Okay, so just step into your own weirdness and enjoy it. Life’s too short to be normal. In the words of my daughter who put it so succinctly, “what is normal anyways?


Enjoy your weekend!