Dad’s, date your daughters before others do.

Dads, you will never know how much special time with your daughter means to her. All little girls desire to be cherished and loved by her earthly Daddy. And nothing says “I love you” more than special time set up for just you and her. A Daddy-daughter date. A Father reaches a daughter’s heart in a unique way that a Mother can’t and so that special time together is so important.

This is what it looked like for our daughter and her Daddy as they went out on a fancy date tonight. Randy gave her a handwritten invitation and had it ready for her this morning at the breakfast table. She was surprised and beyond thrilled to open something with her name on it.


She ran upstairs and said, “MOM! Daddy and I are going on a date tonight and we’re going to eat at a restaurant and then see Cinderella!!!” And then we screamed together because that’s what girls do when they get asked out on a date. They feel so special that they scream and dance in place.

Later Sophie said, “I don’t know what half those big words mean in that invitation but I sure am excited.” We laughed and then Randy explained what the “big words” meant. Ha!


It’s cold and rainy outside and Easter hasn’t happened and in the South you don’t pull out white anything until Easter Sunday but for Daddy-daughter dates all those rules go out the window. You just dress like a princess and nothing else matters. I curled her hair and she put on some lipgloss and she felt beautiful. And then she walked down the steps with her Daddy waiting downstairs for her.

I assured Sophie she would have a blast with Daddy because he is FUN to date. “He makes you feel so special on dates and treats you like a queen,” I assured her. She smiled and said, “He doesn’t have to be doing this but he is.” I said, “You’re right sweetheart. He doesn’t. He’s choosing to be with you tonight.” She was a sponge soaking up the thought that her Daddy wanted to be with her.

I kissed them both goodbye and off they went on their date.

I’m at home by myself tonight and I couldn’t be happier about it. My prayer is that while Sophie is on a date with her Daddy that she will learn what to desire in a young man one day. Not only that, but that she will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that her earthly father loves her unconditionally. And that this love will point her to her heavenly Father who not only loves unconditional but loves her perfectly. This what a father can teach his girl if he chooses to take the time to date her.

Some people call this video creepy but I think it’s really cute and demonstrates clearly that even the smallest of little girls love to be with their Daddy on a date.

Some Daddy-daughter date ideas:

  • McDonalds lunch just the two of you. Ask her about her friends and what they play on the playground.
  • Get an ice cream cone together. Ask her what her favorite song is and pull it up on your phone. Share earbuds and listen to the song together.
  • Take her out somewhere special for dinner.
  • Go see a movie together
  • Invite her to the hardware store with you and let her help you with a project. Doesn’t sound like a girly date but little girls love to be a part of their Dad’s world. Let her help even if it’s harder to do with her help.

If you’re a single Mom and your daughter does not have a Father figure in her life right now I want you to know that her heavenly Father is the Father to the fatherless. This is what He says of Himself and if you believe God to be true to his word then you can find such comfort in this. Your daughter has the heart of her heavenly Father in a unique way. He is watching over her and I believe with all my heart as you seek Him He will redeem what is lost in the years of not having an attentive earthly Father. Do not grieve with no hope on behalf of your daughter but cling to the fact that her heavenly Father is sufficient and nothing – not even the absence of her earthly father can thwart God’s plan for you or for your daughter.

So Dad’s, start dating your girls before the boys in her class do. Set the standard high. Open the door for her and pull the chair out for her. Treat her with a gentle respect that might be hard to find but will be worth waiting for one day. Tell her the things you see Jesus doing in her life in addition to how pretty she is. Let her know by spending special time with her that you cherish her. And know that it’s never too early to start praying for the man that will one day be dating her more than you.

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  1. I love that video! I don’t think it’s creepy at all. I love the part on your husband’s invitation that says ‘wear your cutest dress’. How sweet! I went to a daddy/daughter dance with my dad in third grade. It was a very special event for me, something I’ll always remember.

    • Nikki, I did the same thing in about the 2nd grade with my Dad at our church. It wasn’t fancy – it was actually a Hobo theme and we had a square dance. Mom put me in overalls & plaid shirt, gave me freckles & braids. My Dad was my date and I have never ever forgotten it. It was so much fun and so special.

    • Oh one more thing…I don’t think the video is even close to being creepy but the thing went viral and got a lot of negative feedback and had controversy surrounding it saying it was weird for a Dad to go on a date with his daughter. A case of a sick world view of something that’s actually beautiful. Sheesh.

  2. This is so sweet. Little girls (and big girls too!) need that precious Daddy-time. I’m so glad my husband was the kind of father who would do things like your husband. It makes a difference. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How special! I remember the daddy/daughter dates when my daughters were young. They’re both married and last week my husband had a breakfast date with our teacher daughter and has a concert date with our music-loving daughter. Your daughters are twice blessed — a father who dates them a mother who encourages it.

    • Oh that’s wonderful Pamela for your girls. Honestly, I’ve never thought about the dates continuing after they get married. That’s really neat.

  4. I love your idea and I agree that this is so important. I’m sending this over to my husband now!