It’s all about where you let your focus land

What do you see in these two pictures?


A laid up chick surrounded by…..

ice packs & meds


A potty chair, wheelchair and walker?


Or the blessings

Of cards from both young and old….(thank you preschool, 2nd and 4th grade and cheerleaders at CBS!)


The encouragement shared through flowers and written sentiments from those who swing by.


Where my eyes land and stay will determine the scope of the discouragement in a difficult season. If my focus is fixated on the sterile gray walker (which my sister helped change and pictures to come soon!) and the wheelchair and the pain meds then my outlook is downcast. But if I let my eyes and heart land on the sweet things like flowers, notes, and the love shown by my family and friends then my outlook will be different. Although it’s still a hard season it does not have to be overcome with discouragement. Staying in scripture is the number one thing that keeps my heart from becoming and staying downcast but next in line is focusing on the beautiful encouragement from my family and church family God has blessed me with.

So where are you choosing to let your focus land?

It makes a difference.

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  1. Love you. Praying for you lady.