Learning to trust God in deeper ways – not always getting right but He’s patient with me.

Randy and I went to my Dr’s appt. on Friday expecting to check in with my Orthopedic Dr. for the first time since surgery and then go home. Little did we know I’d be getting my cast off. We were told it could be 6-8 weeks. So it was an amazing feeling to have it come off but it was also suprisingly hard. Like I held it together for a really long time in the Dr’s office but as soon as we pulled in our driveway I fell apart into a huge puddle of tears. Randy was the typical man going, “What’s wrong? Did I say something? Are you hurting? What’s going on?”

I couldn’t really even tell him what was wrong because I didn’t know myself what was wrong. I just felt extremely exposed and vulnerable without my cast. I kept thinking something was going to land on my leg and break it all over again before it completely healed. Randy said, “Apparently you were emotionally attached to your cast.”  I think I was. Go figure! What girl in her right mind would rather keep a cast on than make a day’s progress towards getting back into cute snappy red shoes? Hellllooooo, the answer is nobody!

So it’s like I was all freaked out because God was answering the prayer we’d been taking to him on a daily basis. A prayer for fast and complete healing.

I was struggling with the thought of something else happening. Beginning to have thoughts that I was one of those people who just had random bad things happen to them. Randy stopped me and said, “Melody, you’re not that person and that’s not our God.” I knew he was right. I was falling into victim thinking and thoughts based on fear instead of based on love. God’s immense love and watch care over me is a reality and He wasn’t about to let me slip out of his grip at this point in my life. I could trust Him and let the fear go. It would be okay.

And so that’s where I am today. Learning to trust my God in deeper ways. Not always doing it right but learning to do it better.

On another note: I am doing a study on joy by Margaret Feinberg and I love it. It’s called Fight Back with Joy and it’s awesome! I’m doing it with a few neighbors and a friend from church and my Mom. I just love all of her studies. She is my kind of gal. She and Angela Thomas are my favorite Bible Study authors of all time although there are some other incredible authors out there that I also love.

Okay, well, enough about me and my woes. What is God teaching you of late?