Don’t mess with your therapist!

Three times a week I go to physical therapy for my leg. It’s just down the road from our house and it’s so convenient for me. But there’s one thing I hate about it – it’s the BAPS board. Picture a large round ┬ádisc on the floor with a ball underneath. I have to rotate it with just my ankle while sitting down. I can’t move my leg or knee and the disc can’t touch the ground. It’s the most nerve racking frustrating thing ever. I hate it. It stretches my brain cells more than any ligament, muscle or bone in my ankle. And I’m not there for brain therapy! (Yes, I think I hear the sassy comments through this screen….. “She needs brain therapy! Randy should buy her a BAPS board for her birthday.”) ┬áNot funny.

I’ve made it my mission to figure out ways to not do the BAPS board. One day I secretly hid it behind other apparatus in the hopes that “object permanence” might still work on adults. The ole’ out of sight out of mind technique. FYI: it doesn’t work.

So then I had another brilliant idea. I walked in my most recent therapy session and said, “Oh you guys, did you hear about the recall on all BAPS boards?” My therapist looks wide eyed and says, “No, tell me about it.” I get half way through my made up recall speech about the BAPS causing hazardous conditions for patients, blah, blah when therapist #2 is totally on to me and rats me out.

Another failed attempt.

Back to the BAPS board. And this time it’s double the reps because of my mischievousness.

Lesson of the day: Nevah evah mess with yo therapist!



  1. Hang in there, chick! It’s for your good. bwah ha ha ha ha….I tried to paste in a picture of one here, but it didn’t work.

  2. Sarah Napier says:

    Sarah Napier Love it!! I had a patient once at a nursing home and we had a similar device that she hated! We came in one day and it was gone. We all knew that she had done something with it. It was never seen again!

  3. Vicki McKinney says:

    Vicki Stanfield Mckinney Those therapists “don’t take no junk”!

  4. Autumn Hudson Bailey I laughed out loud at this. You can’t even make this stuff up. You’re such a rebel!!

  5. Joy Cristofanelli That was one of my hardest things to do also.