Hope for Hospitality – non dinner ideas

So we’re talking about hospitality and the art of having people in our homes. Because really, our culture doesn’t do this anymore. We’re busy, we don’t feel like we can, we’re afraid, our house is a mess, etc. I’ve said all those things before too.

But I think having people over is important. It builds relationships in a warm setting. Sure you can talk at church or at Chick-fil-A over lunch but there’s something special about going to someone’s home for conversation and simple food.

If you’re not ready to have people over for a meal yet but you want to have people over consider these simple serving ideas in your home:

  • Lemonade or Sweet Tea on your front porch. Don’t have a front porch? Your living room will do just fine. You could serve girl scout cookies if you want – everyone loves a girl scout cookie.
  • Ice cream in the summer or a simple dessert – a frozen heated up pie will do just fine.
  • A cup of coffee. Could serve muffins with it but you wouldn’t have to.
  • Fresh fruit cup – simple, easy.

Remember the important thing is not the food but the time spent together. It’s about the message you send that you care by having someone in your home even when it’s not perfectly clean or put together.

Even if hospitality doesn’t come natural it can still become a practice. One that will most likely become easier the more you do it.

Check back in a few days because I’ll be posting three super easy recipes for when you do have people over for dinner or Sunday lunch. I promise you’ll love them.






  1. I agree completely! Hospitality is so very important and we don’t have to drive ourselves mad anticipating our company, do we?

    I’m visiting from #TellHisStory. 🙂