Road trip hilarity


So this is what happens when you say we’re traveling to the Mountains old school style with no electronics. You see the excitement. I was hoping it might spur on some great sibling conversations in the backseat. The best we got was Sophie saying, “Hey, Mitch, is that hair I see on your upper lip?” Mitchell all manlike says, “Why yes it is.” With her eyes rolling and a sigh she says, “You got puberty!”


We made it to the Mountains to meet up with our dear friends and pastor associate at our church. We didn’t talk church or theology. We just enjoyed time together. It was so refreshing.


The cheese shop and the Honey Shop were awesome in West Jefferson. Quaint shops, good eating’ and breathtaking scenery.  Even better fellowship around the table outside each night for dinner.



On our way back from our trip we stopped for lunch at Apple Bee’s and ended our time with yet another interesting family conversation. It started with the kids fighting and being mean to each other which led to the oldest yet greatest parental comeback ever, “Now you get to say 5 things you love about the other person.”  This stirred up about as much excitement as the no electronics thing on the way to the Mountains.


Sophie thinks for a very long time. Mitchell is waiting with baited breath to hear his 5 great things. Meanwhile he’s thinking of his 5 things that he loves about Sophie. Sophie finally comes up with something.

“Mitchell, I love that hangy-downy tooth thing you got going on. And I like that you can whistle with it.” We all bust a gut laughing.

That’s not exactly the kind of thing we were after but fine that will count. You got 4 more to go. They both end up sharing their 5, hugging and making up. All is well again. We’re at peace and the food is about to come. Yay.

At this point Randy mentions something about school starting soon. Sophie asks when exactly it starts and we told her Monday. Her eyes got all bug eyed and her jaw dropped to the table and her lower lip starts quivering. Tears start coming down. We all start laughing again. She starts laughing at herself between the tears.

And there we were – going from fighting, to making up, to crying, to laughing. And then we rode the rest of the way home doing the same thing all over again.

And people, that’s how we roll. It’s not always lovey dovey peachy family time. It’s “I’m gonna kill you if you do that onemoretime” kind of a thing sometimes. But we love each other. We really do. Sometimes we just have to count the reasons why.

*More on hospitality on Monday – I have a few easy but great recipes to post for you.