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Yes, that is my daughter and she’s such a poser.  Occasionally she whips out a meditation pose complete with a mesmerizing “Ahhhmmmmmmm” for pure entertainment. I admit that it gets a laugh of out me just about every time. We can thank big brother’s influence for this trick. I was shopping at Harolds trying on clothes and came out to four year old Mitchell doing this exact pose on the silk covered circular stool in the middle of the store. He had escaped his assigned spot and felt the need to reflect. I was mortified but apparently all the customers and workers thought it was great because he had quite the crowd gathered talking about how even children meditate these days. On the way out I asked Mitchell where in the world he learned to do that. He said, “It’s on Ice age.”

So when I talk about meditating this is NOT what I’m talking about.

But what I am talking about is simply reading a verse or two of scripture and simply thinking about it. I suppose you could stand on your head and hum if you want but really it’s not necessary. And your family might worry about you. Instead just write out a verse and think about it. Read one word at a time and think about each word. Pray and ask God to open your eyes to what those words strung together mean for you. Ask questions about the verse.

Let’s take Job 2:10 from the tagline of my blog and practice:

 “Shall we accept good from God and not adversity?” Job 2:10

It’s important to read scripture in light of scripture. Meaning – in context. Reading stand alone verses can get us into trouble if we don’t read a little before and after to get the bigger picture.

A lot has happened between Job 1 and Job 2:10. Like his whole life changed in Chapter 1. And when Job 2:10 comes along he’s still grappling with things but his firm belief in who God is enables his wise response.

So I could write this verse out on a note card and read it a few times.

Then I might ask myself who is speaking these words. Is it Job. Is it God. Is it someone else? (Answer: Job)

I could further question and ask who Job is saying this to. (Answer: his wife. yeah, she kinda got a talking’ to)

Then to bring it home personally I might think about the good things I’ve accepted from God in my own life. Maybe even write them out.

The same thing with the word adversity. Think through the adversity that God has allowed in my life. That’s uncomfortable. But necessary.

And then finally I will ask what God wants me to understand about this verse and how to use it in my life. I have always found Him to be faithful in revealing these things to me. I don’t mean immediate understanding. Sometimes I really have to dig it out. Research. Ask my pastor. Sometimes it’s a matter of waiting on the Holy Spirit to show me in His time.

Meditation is a powerful tool that will help imprint the truths of scripture on our hearts and minds. I’m trying to be more purposeful in this area of my life and thankfully it’s without the headstands.

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  1. Good advice. I agree that it’s important to spend time meditating on scripture, but I’ve never gone about it in such a methodical way.

    • And it doesn’t have to be that methodical by any means but it’s just a way to start if someone is new to it. Glad you stopped by.

  2. Yes, thinking deeply about God’s word gives the Holy Spirit more opportunity to “imprint” it on our hearts. I am encouraged when I find myself responding from the truths of Scripture from the natural rhythm of my thoughts. Those are the moments that I know God has done a transforming work.

  3. Our church, which is a non-denominational church, has a time, usually between some songs before communion, called “meditation.” It’s a time when people can share a verse or prayer that God led them that week. At first it struck me as odd it was called “meditation,” but I’ve since realized how grateful I am to be part of a congregation that is so willing to hear from God through his word and his people. Thanks for linking up at #ThreeWordWednesday.

    • That is really neat Kristin – what a wonderful element to a church service. I like that a lot.