3 gifts that can change the course of your child’s school year.

A lot of schools start up today in our area and possibly in yours too. We all remember those first day jitters and excitement. New backpacks, new school clothes and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils accompany little feet walking into hallways.

Soon enough though the newness wears off and the pressures of school work, mean kids and peer pressure can take its toll on our little ones and even the big high schoolers. As parents we can feel helpless at times sending our kids out the door with only a hug and a kiss not knowing what they could be walking into that particular day.

Whether you have a little one or a big one at school consider giving these three gifts to your child this year.  I promise it WILL make a difference. A difference in their school day, their school year and a marked difference in their life. And better yet – they’re free!

1. Read the Bible together as a family every morning. 

Be aware that this will not come easy. Satan will throw up every possible hinderance and road block on school mornings that you attempt to do this. But I promise you it will be well worth the time. Equipping ourselves and our children with the powerful word of God is school day changing, school year changing and life changing. Why would we not fight for this? Need a good Bible reading plan? Check out this app (what we’ve been using as a family) or this. There are a lot of good bible reading plans. Or just start with a few verses in Proverbs each day. It only takes setting the clock for an extra 15-20 minutes to do this. You can’t do anything better than this to start out your day.

2. Pray for your child/ren every day. 

I am a firm believer in writing and documenting prayers.When I look back and see what I’ve been praying for my kids and how God answers those requests my faith is strengthened. I can point out to our kids how God answered prayer and is alive and working. Ask your kids how you can pray for them and also tell them how you are praying for them as God puts specific things on your heart throughout the year. Mom’s In Prayer is an excellent resource that brings Moms together in prayer once a week. This has been a part of my kids lives ever since they started school. On the way to school my kids will often ask, “Mom, who are you praying for today? Will you ask the Moms to pray about this_________.” And I love that they too are now counting on this weekly corporate time of prayer.

3. Send them off with a word of encouragement every single morning. 

This morning our daughter had rough morning including tears and frustration. She looked at me and said, “Mom, is it going to be a good day today?” I assured her it was but she wasn’t totally convinced and she asked, “How do you know?” Quickly the Lord impressed on my heart a visual of the morning glories that are in our neighbors yard. I said, “Soph, it’s because God’s mercies are new every single morning. And this morning you have new mercies that you didn’t have yesterday from God.” I wanted to show her the morning glories and explain how they work – they only bloom once and are good for that day. They usually fall off at the end of the day and then new blooms come in the morning. And so I was able to send her off with the encouragement of “Look for your new mercies today sweet girl. They are there for you.” Other days are simply, “Hey, you are going to have a great day today.” Or “Sophie, you’re a good friend and today you have another chance to be a good friend to someone who needs it.” Our son needs to hear the encouragement that he is going to make wise choices today and will be a better person because of it. Speak life over your kids as they leave the comforts of their home. And on those really rough mornings when you don’t feel like saying anything encouraging at all remind them how much you love them – always and no matter what.

So here’s to the start of great new school year! May God grow your family as you spend time in his word, pray and speak life into your children.

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  1. Yes…YES! Children are such a gift and we, even me who has no children, pray for them. I tutor and have taught most of my life so have a special calling for children. I wrote on children today too and want to say that all three of your suggestions are necessary. #3 is one too often forgotten yet so very important. As a tutor, I think #3 is my job…to encourage and build them up that they can be and do all that God has created them to be and do.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    • Linda I think tutors and mentors have such a special place in a child’s life. Your students are blessed to have your compassion and love.

  2. Such good ideas here, I really like the last point about encouraging them every single morning. Firm believer that whatever you start your day with is how your day will go, and I can just imagine the great days these kids have.

  3. What wonderful reminders for this school year! My kids need to hear the encouragement and know they’re prayed for too!

  4. Great ideas! You’ve inspired me to implement the bible reading. I think we could fit it in! Thanks! Visiting from #tellHisStory.

    • awesome! I know it will be worth the fight for the time. Praying blessings over your family.

  5. Three great ideas! I have two school age kids and two preschoolers. We’ve started putting bible verses and other reminders on a chalkboard in our dining room. We don’t make a big deal about it, but it’s there to remind us all. Thanks for linking!

  6. Our schools start on Monday. I’m trying to get my head in gear and your post is so helpful for resetting my mind for school days. This is our youngest child’s last year–a really important year for all three of your great suggestions.

  7. Good stuff! I love practical suggestions that can make such a difference in our daily lives. And that’s exactly what this is! I’m always glad when you link up at #ThreeWordWednesday.

  8. Thank you for these reminders as my children start school in 8 days!!! I love when the morning can start out on a great note, and these are powerful ways to make that happen. Thank you!

  9. I always left them with this: remember who and whose you are…and
    The Lord bless you and give you peace (as they flew out the van.) I think they will remember these when they have kids. Hoping so. It gave me more peace, anyway. (:


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