She made her own War Room

When you’re a pastor’s family your kids get dragged  come along to places they might not normally go otherwise. PK’s get a bad rap for always getting in trouble and sometimes it might have to do with the fact that they’re having to sit for hours on end making the need to roll under every last pew a reality. Building a hymnal tower makes the time go by fast for a four year old during women’s ministry meetings. You have to get creative people – don’t judge.

So when our church took a group down to see the movie “War Room” on opening night I wasn’t sure our 8 year old would be hip on it let alone our 14 year old son. But nonetheless we were dragging bringing them along. We got to the theatre and bought a HUGE bucket of popcorn and a coke – a peace offering perhaps?

The movie theatre was packed. It was SO awesome to see so many other believers attending this movie together. And the movie……oh my word ya’ll….the movie was so awesome. It had the perfect blend of funny, serious, down to earth, profound conversations and the characters were great. Sometimes Christian movies can be filled with the cheese factor. Nope, not this one. Not at all. Excellent acting throughout the entire movie and such a powerful message. It’s a must see movie for every human on this earth.

And our kids LOVED the movie. Mitchell came home quoting the old lady and still imitates her. We all loved her so much as I know you will to when you see it. Sophie liked it a lot too but I didn’t realize how much this movie impacted her until I saw this:

IMG_2478 IMG_2477 IMG_2476

In the movie “War Room” the lady had a closet in her house that was her “prayer closet”  or as she called it her “war room” where she posted prayers and scripture. It’s where she did battle through prayer.

Sophie asked if she could clear her closet and make one. I dragged my feet initially thinking it would be a passing phase. But a few days later she asked again. So we cleared her closet and put everything in another closet. Passing phase or not I decided it was worth it even if it lasts only  a week or two although I’m secretly praying she keeps it longer than that.

I know a lot of people are going to see War Room this weekend and I cannot wait for you to see it! It really is powerful.

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  1. This is an amazing sight to see. The War Room movie will truly shake you to the core. I LOVED it. I have been singing it’s praises since I saw it. I also got the soundtrack and the The Battle Plan for Prayer book too. I hope she keeps fighting the good fight!

  2. That is awesome. So glad to catch up with you again, Melody! I really want to see that movie, but The Man From U.N.C.L.E. has priority in our house right now. Different kind of war.

  3. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I definitely want to! How encouraging that it inspired your daughter to make her own war room. Good parenting involved there, too, Mama. 🙂

    • You will love it Lisa and it’s so awesome seeing it in the theatre with other believers – it’s so hard to explain but if you get to see it in the theatre you’ll totally see what I mean.

  4. Melody,

    Okay … I told you I HAD to stop by to visit you ‘cuz i adored your blog title. I. LOVE. IT! I’m so glad I made a new friend 🙂 I have a tender heart for Pastors and their families. It is a battle you face in your passion to point the world to Jesus. You’ve got one more prayer warrior interceding on your behalf now!
    I can’t wait to see “War Room” either!
    Blessings and smiles,


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