Shoot! Did it again…..

You guys! I ruined yet another meal and had another kitchen-freak-out-moment. So much so that our eight year old wrote out a prayer for me to put in her War Room –  “Dear God, help my Mom not to be so frustrated. Amen.”

Arggghhhhhh!!!!!! I hate it when that happens.

I mean…..I’m ever so thankful for the opportunity of growth and maturity that lies before me. (bull)

So here’s the lowdown – I was making an easy but good meal for a family in our church who just had a baby. I wanted plenty of food so they could have leftovers. So I made a fail proof roast – or so I thought. Rice and green beans.

Put the roast on high for four and half hours and it was hard as a rock as I was cutting it. I had no back up plan and didn’t have time to pick up something at the store. This was my only option at this point. I doubled the gravy recipe which ended up overflowing all over the stove sending me into sheer frustration. I had ten minutes to pull this meal together and be at Sunday night church. I thought the double gravy might make up for the toughness of the roast????? Maybe it did – perhaps? Okay, so we all know it didn’t.

So there I was again – showing my true colors and serving less than stellar food to people I love. And yeah, I was frustrated about it. Nobody wanted to be in that kitchen with me during those moments of meltdown. To top it off my crockpot cracked. Ha! No really it did and I promise it’s not because I slammed it against the wall. Just a perfect ending to a disasterous meal.

I took the fixings to the family and explained that the roast would be a little tough. Very tough in fact. As in I’m-praying-your-teeth-don’t-break tough. But it was made with love. The beans and rice would be good. She assured me the roast wouldn’t be tough and it would be wonderful. I just accepted that and knew she was in for a surprise.

I just finished a great book called “Come to My Table” by Sue Donaldson. She gives great tips and hints for serving and welcoming people. She has opened my eyes to so many new things in this area of hospitality. I simply love this book. Soon I will be giving away a copy of it because I want others to know about her too. It’s too good to keep to myself. Sue texted me after my latest fail (last night) and reminded me nobody is super mom or super servant and that’s why we have Jesus.

Good words for me. Maybe good words for you too.

Let’s not let the mess ups and mistakes keep us from what God is calling us to do. It’s just another opportunity to remind us of how much we need him.

Dinner tonight? TACO TUESDAY on Monday because I know I won’t mess it up. Ahaha!!!!

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  1. “I mean…..I’m ever so thankful for the opportunity of growth and maturity that lies before me. (bull)”
    This made me laugh. ha. We try to turn our bad moments into spiritual ones, but sometimes we just can’t. Hospitality is not one of my strong points, but I know it’s something we all are called to do. Sounds like a wonderful book. Taco Tuesday on Monday sounds wonderful too.

    • Yeah Lisa, you would like Sue a lot (author of Come To My Table) – ya’ll both have a heart for others.

  2. What a great post! I’m not a cook, so anything from the kitchen is homecooking for me…I loved this quote, “nobody is super mom or super servant and that’s why we have Jesus.”…truly, all is grace…many blessings to you!

  3. I was remembering last week what a gift it was to attend a gathering at a friend’s far from perfect home – it gave me such freedom to see her entertaining in imperfection. I bet your meal was a similar gift – we all make mistakes and sometimes tasting someone else’s mistake helps make all of our own more palatable.


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