31 Days: Day 2 – Why outreach is important

Day 2

Why is reaching outside the walls of church so important these days?

It’s because inviting people cold turkey to Sunday morning church isn’t working like it used to.

Gasp! You’re the preacher’s wife and you don’t think inviting people to church is effective? Like your man is the preacher dude and all.

I know. And he’s a mighty fine preacher too. Like I actually  understand what he says and everything. And if I can track with this preacher anyone can. He’s awesome.

Hearing God’s word taught is so important and crucial to our spiritual growth. I’m not in any way minimizing the preaching of God’s word. At all.

And don’t get me wrong, I still invite people to church. I’m a huge advocate of church and I’d be crazy not to tell people about something I love so much. But with that said I believe that most of our in depth, real life conversations with unbelieving friends, co-workers and neighbors will happen outside of the church walls. They’ll happen around the break room table, at the park, on your front porch and many times when and where you least expect it.

And this is why being ready to reach out is so important. It will take the church within the walls being the church outside the walls to connect dots, have real conversations with people and see life change.

What’s interesting though is that many times God uses outreach to bring people in to the church. Once a connection or relationship is built through a natural, Spirit-led conversation with a friend, co-worker or neighbor they usually end up wanting to come to church with you.

But that’s not the end goal of outreach. Sharing the love of Christ is. Sometimes it ends up in that person coming to your church. Many times it doesn’t. Being Kingdom minded means we are okay with sharing and leaving the results up to God.



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