31 Days: Day 6 – Visiting the Elderly

We underestimate the power of a simple visit and a handmade card for a shut-in. Whether at a nursing home or someone’s house a face to face visit with your children can make all the difference to a lonely soul. There’s something special about a young crayon-sketched heart and a cross with the words “God loves you and so do I”.

If we start our kids out young learning to love and respect our older generation then they will have learned an almost lost art.

Nursing homes are open to young visitors. Just show up – having cards with you helps with conversation and allows your kids to warm up to the elderly. We carry a basket of cards with us and go room to room handing them out. Usually there’s a large activity room or area where people will gather and you could always hand out cards there as well if you’re uncomfortable going room to room. It’s not weird to knock on a door and simply say, “Excuse me….just wanted to say hello and give you a little something.” It doesn’t have to be a long visit or a deep conversation unless God takes it there.

So yeah, google search a nursing home in your area if you don’t know of one and take your kids there to give out card and hugs. I promise you it will make a person’s day and it teaches your children at a young age they are not too young to reach out themselves.

Tomorrow I’ll share how one of these attempted card & hug visits didn’t go as I planned but how God taught me a lot about myself and others through outreach.



  1. We went around and met our new neighbors Sunday, handing out invitations to an event and our kids and their energy just make it so much easier for my introverted husband and I. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    • kids really do have a way of helping break the ice. so neat you got to meet your neighbors. have you read the book by Amy Lively “How to Love Your Neighbor” without being weird? Great resource on loving our neighbors. Sounds like you’re doing just that.


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