31 Days: Day 25 and I’m about to die – somebody reach out to me!!!!

Ha Ha! I’m half way kidding but not really. I’m about to die here with this daily writing gig but it’s been a good challenge for me personally. With two days notice for this challenge and it falling during an incredibly busy time I’ve had to prayerfully wing it. But thanks for hanging in there with me – all one of you. My hubs maybe. Ha! Ha!

I wanted to share a few pictures today of my brother who came through this weekend while on his way to visit a friend who had cancer surgery in Baltimore. He drove 12 hours (our house was half way) to sit in a waiting room for a few hours to be with the family, pray with them and then head back the next day. Now that’s a┬áministry of presence. The man he went to see is in his discipleship group from church and they are a close knit group.

IMG_0184 IMG_0176

John was able to watch Sophie run in the fund run at school and made Mitchell a bike ramp. The kids love him so much. He’s a fun Uncle and we enjoyed the time with him.

IMG_0155 IMG_0149


Love those hats guys!


  1. I’ve been so busy hardly have time to read. But good for you for hanging in there. I’ll be back!

  2. I love that phrase: a ministry of presence. (I have the ministry of PRESENTS!! I keep telling my husband…) Thank you for your prayers for the college girls at dinner – see their cute pic on my blog this morning, Monday in CA. xx


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