31 Days: Day 27 – Margaret Feinberg shares what NOT to say to someone with cancer.

I love Margaret Feinberg and her way with words, her wisdom and her willingness to share from the middle of where she is. Even when she’s walking through a scary and hard place. As such was her recent bought with breast cancer. Her study “Fight Back with Joy” was a timely and powerful study for me. It ministered to me during one of my most vulnerable times emotionally. I felt like God designed that week’s homework just for me because it so ministered to me. I literally found myself pulling out my homework book and re-reading passages from it. It looks like a highlighter exploded in my book.

Today I found this post she wrote called 5 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Someone with Cancer.  It’s worth the time to read. It fits right along with the things we’ve been talking about the last few days.



  1. […] Day 27 – Margaret Feinberg shares 5 things to never say to someone with cancer […]