When we lose some funny


This is my all time favorite picture of our daughter. She was 4 and this was her pretend wedding dress and she had just “fixed” her hair. She came into the bathroom to show me and I laughed because well, I thought it was hysterical. She did not think it was even a tiny bit funny. I know you find that hard to believe from the picture.

I felt bad for sucking the excitement right out of her with my laughter. I’ve always been bad to laugh at the wrong times. Like pretty much my whole life. I’ve inappropriately laughed in church and at comments that weren’t meant to be funny. To make things worse I’ve taken on a smoker’s laugh lately. Weird for someone who has only dreamed of smoking just once to see what it feels like. Suddenly I have a breathy intro to my laugh. Lord help me not to be the lady with the annoying laugh. We all know her and I do not want to be her. So I think it’s best I work on this immediately. If you’re a ¬†in real life friend please tell me when I sound like I’m about to laugh up a lung. Thank you in advance.

I was kind of feeling like Sophie in this picture the other day and I told Randy that I feel like the funny got knocked out of me when I broke my leg. I’m not sure why but life feels a bit different for me. Like some humor slipped out with my fall. And I don’t like feeling this way. It’s not like I’m discouraged¬†or down. I just see things differently and a bit more seriously. Maybe it has nothing to do with the fall and everything to do with getting older. Maybe it’s just flat time I grow up anyways. Ha! Oh hey, see, I found some laughter after all.

I hope ya’ll are doing great friends! I look forward to catching up on all your blogs and doing some more blogging myself.