How we handle sales calls at dinner time – don’t hate us

Maybe you’ve been there before. You just finished cooking dinner and gathered the family at the table which is a feat in itself.  You’ve prayed and now you’re ready to put that hot bite of paleo cauliflower casserole (that’s a joke for those who don’t know me) into your mouth and the phone rings. Honestly, I’d be relieved if a phone call interrupted a bit of paleo anything but that’s not the point.  Typically you make it a practice not to answer the phone or text during meals but it’s the HOME phone and who ever calls on that anymore unless it’s aliens or something. You figure you should answer.

As soon as you do you realize what you’ve opened yourself up to.

The dreaded sales call.

The ones that only come when you’re sitting down for dinner or when you’re laying on the ground dying and need to call 911 but the phone is out of reach. That’s when you get a sales calls.

The other end is speaking with an intense thick accent, ironically though, his name is Bob Smith. He is wanting to talk to you about a class action lawsuit for bladder mesh surgeries which he is convinced you had at one time in your life. That was the call last night.

But it could be the call about the bird houses for sale that are made by blind people or the call selling an upgrade to your phone carrier or the call……you get it because you get these calls at dinner time also.

You might feel bad for just hanging up on the person because the Lord knows that three statements of “I’m not interested” doesn’t do a bit of good to most push sales calls. So consider this option if you have children in the home.

Hand the phone to them and tell them to say, “Yes, I want to buy it.” in their most childlike voice possible.

This solves all your problems because they end up hanging up immediately and you don’t have to feel  bad.

It sounds heartless but come on sales people – give us a break at dinner time. Save your calls for when we are shopping for birdhouses and contemplating bladder meshes – I don’t even know what that is!

We are probably the only people that still have a home phone and I don’t think I’ve ever received a sales call on my cell phone so this post is probably already outdated before I even hit the publish button. Ha! Oh well, there might be one other home phone survivor out there who still gets sales calls at dinner. If so, good luck with passing the phone off to your kid.







  1. we don’t answer it at supper. we click phone, and hang up. We have caller ID and can tell its not someone we want to talk too. If its a real person who wants you, they would call immediately back, and we would see the number again and answer it. Both my sisters always call at supper, and say “oh, its supper time”, yep, every four days, same time, so I stopped answering it. Also don’t answer during school time if I’m working with kids, they can leave a message, and I get to decide when I call someone back. school and supper are important to us.

  2. Oh, that is funny! A friend of ours will answer the phone and when the individual on the other line asks how he is or how his day was he tells him, ” I am so glad that you asked, I have been wanting to talk to someone all day long….” and proceeds to divulge all the world’s problems as if in a counseling session.

    It is kinda funny. 🙂 I don’t typically answer the phone during the supper hour unless i know the number but your idea is fun.


    • I LOVE this tactic of your friends. I can’t wait to try it out on the next call. Ha! For once I’m awaiting excitedly for the next call. gee I sound like a bored housewife. Ahaha!

  3. We still have a home phone . . . I tend to just keep it short and check the # before answering, but I’ve also been known to put on really weird accents or just let out a random shout. You know, whatever it takes 🙂