Things I learned in November

Tonight I’m linking up with a new-to-me favorite author, Emily P. Freeman. Every month Emily encourages her readers to “look back in order to move forward”. She shares what she learned in the previous month and her readers do the same thing if they choose to. This month I’m choosing to.

As I awkwardly look back on a month (I’m more the lets conquer this day and look forward to the next girl)  these are some things that come to mind……

My love for reading has returned full force. Yay! For some reason I went through a season of not being able to read or digest anything written while walking journeying through the broken leg chronicles. But recently I rediscovered the beauty of stepping into the mind of others through written words. Simply Tuesday by Emily Freeman and Hoodwinked by Karen Ehman are two books I loved this past month.

Adult Coloring Books are awesome….and addictive! I was almost embarrassed to say I ordered myself a coloring book but ya’ll it’s awesome. This is the one I ordered and I LOVE it! The cover of mine looks different and I’m not sure why – anyways I love this particular adult coloring book because it has scripture on the pages. Who has time to color right? I know! This is where I should say a thank you note to Emily P. Freeman and Margaret Feinberg who has taught me to sit on a bench, color and breathe more. On a side note – coloring is extremely addictive but in a good way so like if you’re trying to come off crack or something similar like chocolate or too much roast and mashed potatoes then consider an adult coloring book.

Parenting is not for wimps. It’s hard and Moms need each other for support. There is something incredibly powerful and encouraging within a community of praying Moms. I’m so incredibly blessed to be a part of such a community through Mom’s in Prayer. Not in a group but want to be? It’s easy and so worth your time. Email me and I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Introspection is both hard and rewarding. Asking God to reveal Himself to us seems to shed a spotlight on the areas of needed personal refinement. This can seem overwhelming and discouraging but it’s extremely freeing. And humbling. Have you found yourself hitting yourself on the forehead like you should’ve had a V8 and then remembering, “Oh yeah, I did ask God to open my eyes to what I needed to see.” But then you’re like, “Ummm no thank you, I don’t care to see that about myself.” It’s hard work but it’s a good work and it’s worth it.

I know there’s more but this is a new practice for me and it will take some adjusting to. I like it though. I hope to be consistent with it and keep it up.

What about you? As you look back to November does anything pop out to you? 

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  1. I love this! I’m much like you, looking forward and rarely looking back, but you made me think – what if I miss truly seeing what God has done if I don’t reflect, if I never stop to see the puzzle coming together. Thanks for the reminder. I think I may begin reflecting right along with you!

    • Katie…thanks for stopping by. Maybe you’ll want to join Emily’s community too of sharing those reflections once a month. I’m going to try it this year. I think the one in December is like reflecting on the entire year. Oh man….I’d like have to dig my day timer calendar inserts out of the trash to remember the last two months let alone 12! But I’m going to give it a try.

  2. Great idea! Sometimes we rush through the crazy business of life and forget to look back and count our blessings and see what God has taught us along the way. I usually get around to it at the end of December (yay me!) but I like the idea of doing it in monthly chunks (also because who can remember last February?) Thanks for this! I’m your neighbour at Tell His Story 🙂

  3. I am fairly new to Emily Freeman and her looking back on the month habit. I love it, too! It is a solid habit, which tends to bring on some gratefulness (either for the blessing or for getting to the other side of an issue) and just some wise reflection. Blessings this holiday!

  4. I love coloring. There is also is a book called praying in Color. If you are a Christian you might enjoy it. 🙂