Book loves in 2015

Good Books

My ability to concentrate in reading was severely impacted during an injury and recovery this year so I only read for the last several months of the year but what I read was fantastic. I wanted to share in case you find any of them interesting yourself.

Hoodwinked – A great book on Motherhood. I found it perfect for the Mom with small children at home although I gleaned good stuff from it as well having elementary and middle school aged kids.

Coming Clean – Wow, just wow. A Christian man shares his struggle with alcohol. I came away with a new found sympathy for men and women struggling with addiction and how hard we can make it as a church at times. Through his story I saw how hard it truly is for people who have an addiction problem to be around those who are simply social drinking. This makes it so hard on those who are craving it but trying to stop a habit. I don’t drink and our church doesn’t serve alcohol at events/parties, etc. so I’m not in this battle personally but it’s really an eye opener. I loved this book.

Simply Tuesday – This book sold me on Emily P. Freeman. She has had more influence on my life this year than she knows. This book is an invitation to sit and breathe. To slow down. To build benches and sit on them and inhale a little longer than normal. Her writing style is not typically what I’m drawn to – eloquent and lofty in some ways – yet I keep coming back to her stuff because I relate so much.

How to love your neighbor without being weird – Loved it so much. Hilarious. Practical. Has a passion for every day people like us to get to know our neighbors and build relationships. She is both funny and profound in her writing and I love her message.

Come to My Table – A wonderful book on hospitality. Sue Donaldson and I have become friends somehow and she’s already rescued me from one major kitchen fail by telling me to pull my food out of the crock put and put it in the oven because it wouldn’t be done on time for dinner. She was right and her altered recipe for my chicken was divine and the whole family loved it. She talks to us in her book about how hospitality isn’t just for those who think they’re good at it or enjoy it. It’s for all God’s children because He has invited us to His table so we get to invite others to our table and commune. I love her biblical approach to hospitality.

Barefoot Church – We’re used to hearing from Jen Hatmaker and she’s so awesome but this book is by her pastor hubs and it’s awesome. They both actually write in it. This is a great read.

Bird by Bird – A book all my writer friends said I needed to get and indeed it’s a good one. Incredibly practical, hilarious and helpful chapters on how to hone the skill of writing. My goal is to read every year.