Bible Study in 2016 – some ideas

I’m starting out 2016 in a study called “Open Your Bible” by Rachel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams. Yep, you read that right. Maiden name Bible and I’m pretty sure she has a Bible degree. Cool, huh.

I like these two young women (I sound old) who are committed to studying God’s word and taking others along with them.

In their 7 week Bible Study we look at the power of God’s word and how to interact with scripture. I love this study personally and am excited to be going through it with a few other ladies in a small group. This study comes with a download (optional) of ten minute talks from both Amanda and Raechel that you watch as a small group or large group study. Then there is some discussion and actual reading the Bible together time and doing some work together. Four days of homework follows up the lesson. I like the format a lot. It’s deep yet not overly time consuming.


Maybe you can’t go to a Bible Study group right now. This would still be a great option for personal Bible study on your own.

Other resources for considering would be:

Unlocking the Bible – great deep devotional. Hard to think a devotional could actually be deep but this really is a deep, solid devotional you could totally use as your daily time in God’s word.

The Message: SOLO Women’s Devotional – I really like Eugene Peterson and he has put out a series of devotionals for college age, men, women, singles, etc. He has certainly mastered the art of asking good questions. And answering questions honestly is a huge part of personal growth I believe.

Armor of God  – I’m looking so forward to doing this study in the Spring Lord willing. Priscilla Shirer will never disappoint in her teaching. Love the fire in her bones. This is definitely a deeper study requiring more daily time but I believe we need this in our lives. We need to take the time to dig deeper.

Are you having a hard time starting out 2016 in God’s word? It’s not too late to start. Grab you a devotional if you need the structure (I do) or open your bible to read God’s word on your own. Don’t start in Genesis though and read through the whole Bible if you’re just starting out. Sounds like a great idea but it’s really not. How about the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John? Ask yourself these questions as you read: What kind of person is Jesus? How does he respond to people? Is it what I expected?

So what’s your plan to stay connected to God this year? What does your Bible reading look like?  I’d love to hear. 


  1. This sounds like a great Bible Study! I need some structure to keep me going as well. I’ve loved the if equip studies online (but they have breaks and then I lose my momentum). Lately, I’ve been reading the In Touch free devotional from Charles Stanely at In Touch Ministries. It’s enough that it gets me in the Word without getting overwhelmed. And it really works with my word of the year: grace! Glad I stopped by from Coffee for Your Heart!

    • I’m not familiar with the equip studies online – I’ll have to check into that. And I really love Andy Stanley. I grew up in Atlanta and got to hear him speak many times for special services. Love his teaching.

  2. love these suggestions and links! we all need some help with staying on track with absorbing God’s Word.

  3. I’m looking forward to Open Your Bible as well! It looks like a solid study for sure. Really great suggestions!