When you accidentally text your Pastor’s wife about your hickey.

I received this text a few months ago from a church-er and am still shaking my head over it. So is she. In fact she confirmed with me today it was just too good not to share with others…..without names attached. Grey is church chick and green is me.


You can see in her own words she gave me permission to share and I confirmed before posting today. So no worries if you accidentally text me about your make out session. I won’t share unless I have your permission – in writing!

I can’t make this stuff up you guys.

To top it off today. TODAY, I say. I texted a local pastor’s wife in town and asked her to let me know when she gets her sh*t so we can pray for her. Yeah, I did. I hate it when I mix up the “i” instead of the “o” in the word shot. It’s really quite dangerous. Thankfully she texted back and said, “you mean SHOT?” And we both lol’d. You just have to. If you take this stuff too seriously we’d all be in a heap of shot.

We might as well smile and extend some grace to both ourselves and the ones getting hickeys.

Be careful texting this weekend folks!







  1. HAHA! I LOL’d too. I’m not sure which texting mistake is funnier. They are both absolutely hilarious! This would make a great PSA: Read before you hit send, folks!