Things I learned in January 2016

Again, I’m taking my cues from Emily P. Freeman in looking back. I have my handy dandy notebook in which I keep notes and track of what I’m learning. It really does help! So it’s not super profound but it’s just some stuff I learned this month:

May Books are totes adorbs and I want one. 


I love anything you can write in – journal, notebook, spiral, whatever. Just give me paper and let me doodle, jot, write and tell a story. And when you make it adorable even the better! I don’t have one but I’m putting it on my birthday wish list.

The tv series The Black List is awesome! Randy and I love it. 

Main character Raymond Reddington is an incredible actor. The way he moves his head cracks me up though. It’s like he acts with his head. Seriously watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) - The Walking Dead - Season 4 _ Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Praying in Color is something new to me and I’m learning how effective it is for me. 


Praying in color is a way of praying that helps keep your focus from wandering in a million different directions. I’m still new at this but I do say I really love it. I’ve always journaled my prayers and now I’m adding color and strategy to them still knowing that God hears us whether we write anything down and whether it has color or not. Prayer mapping is simply a tool used.

Bible Journaling is a new found love and expression of worship for me. 

I never considered myself creative and I’d put myself in the “non-artsy” tribe however I’m learning that children of God actually are creative whether we realize it or not. It’s in our spiritual DNA because we’re made in our Creator’s image and hello…..he’s the ultimate Creator. Yeah, so that’s pretty amazing. I’m helping coordinate a Bible Journaling workshop at our church in March. More on that in the tab “Events” if you happen to be local and want to attend. Registration is required in advance. Can check that out here if interested.

I’m intrigued by all these awesome companies that send you stuff in the mail.

It’s like a college care package….except that you pay twice as much for the contents. And that’s why I’ll just keep being my own personal shopper and save the money so I can spend more when I’m out which means I could really just sign up for the care package at the end of the day because of how I rationalize it. The ones that intrigue me most are Birchbox and Stitch Fix and SketchBox. But I will not go there. Don’t let me go there people.

Okay, so I wish I had more deep knowledge to pass on to you for the month of January but this is all I have.

Happy February everyone!





  1. Praying in color- that is so intriguing! I love your thoughts on creativity, and totally agree that it is an innate part of us. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My son really wants one of those monthly boxes… It’s called geek-something-or-other. They look cool! But you’re right, it’s like a super expensive college care package that you have to go through hoops to stop receiving, haha!

    • Oh my word yes I saw that one too! Think Geek has one and it looked sooooo cool. My son would love it so much. But yeah, could buy twice as much by picking out the goods myself. Just would never get to the wrapping it up all cool like and getting it in the mail box. Ha!

  3. Raymond Reddington/James Spader DOES act with his head!! That’s hilarious.