A look back into February


I’m only a week late on this post but something I’m trying hard to commit to. The discipline of looking back. It’s been a good one for me. So here’s a few things I learned or was reminded of in February…..

IF Gathering is something I want to attend every year. Those girls are serious about Jesus! Next year I hope to have a gathering in my home with some ladies from our church because it was just too good to keep to myself.

The Woodlawn movie is awesome! Our church watched it together and we loved it. I was super proud of my hubs for sharing all 30 of his SEC football helmets for table centerpieces.

Madame Secretary is an awesome show. This is our new favorite after-the-kids-go-to-bed show. I thought I’d be bored with it because History and Politics don’t excite me but Randy and I both love this series. We’re watching season one on dvd right now.

2004728afa2d18f3c_m Upwards is a great program to introduce kids to sports. I know a lot of people feel like Upwards is not “real” sports and blah, blah, blah but we really do like this program. The couple that runs it at our church have kids that play “real” sports if you want to put it that way. Their daughter has played AAU basketball for the last several years and the husband helps coach so they are well acquainted with sports outside of the Upwards program and that’s why I really respect the fact that they pour so much time and energy into this program for our community. Sophie has grown in her basketball skills this year so much and she hopes to play for the school one day. We’ll see if that’s still the case the next time she gets hit in the nose with a basketball. That happened the first time she played with Upwards and so she skipped the next three years and cheered instead. But she was back to ball this year and she enjoyed it a lot.

A man who makes Valentine’s plans involving Flemming’s and Anthropology is more than a keeper! Guys – a woman loves it when YOU make the plans and take charge. My man does this well.