Love Is: Simple & Creative Acts of Kindness

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No need to bleep this “bomb” out because it’s a Love Bomb! A jar filled with encouraging notes, scriptures and positive uplifting words to someone in need of encouraging. I love this idea. Maybe it’s someone in the hospital or homebound. This is a creative simple idea of loving someone well.


One family made this banner and hung it on their neighbor’s house when they completed their first ever 5K. Imagine the surprise when they came home all tired and sweaty from the run and found this simple form of support and encouragement.

Love comes in all forms – it can be super deep and wide and it can be simple. But in it’s truest form love is honoring and preferring the other person.


Okay, honestly when I first thought about volunteering at an animal shelter as a form of support and love I dismissed it. But I realize how narrow minded that was. This young girl is learning early to give back to her community by spending some time loving on animals at their local animal shelter. I have a friend who works at an animal shelter and she told me last week they always need people to come and spend time with the animals – to walk them and love on them. A small way to give back to our community and love well – not just the people who help our community but the animals they rescue.

nailpolish1-300x225 nailpolish2-225x300 nailpolish5-225x300

Love in this case was setting up a nail polish stand to raise money for a Back Yard Bible Club at a trailer park. These young girls painted nails in the heat of the day and gave ALL their proceeds to something else. Do you know how hard this is for adults to do let alone kids? To work and fork over every penny to something greater than yourself. Way to go girls!

I wonder what ways God will prompt us to love well this week. It may be something we’ve never done before. But that’s okay too. Let’s lean into the creative ways he calls us to love well.

Be blessed friends!