I’m pretty sure God bought lemonade yesterday.

I’m still in awe at what God did today through two 3rd graders who decided to work a lemonade stand. Together they decided to they wanted to give a portion of what they earned to a girl named Emma who is fighting Cystic Fibrosis. Jace and Sophie’s 3rd grade class are sending Emma a “sunshine basket” next month and they wanted to buy her something really special to put in the basket. So when people asked what they were saving for they told them about Emma. Well that spread around town and more people started coming saying they heard about it from someone else or a spouse or a neighbor. One local business owner came by and said they could set up shop in front of his store if they wanted.

They were selling lemonade so fast that they had to hire Mitchell to cover the stand while I took them to buy more lemonade and cups. Came back and almost ran out again! Jace was asking total strangers to pray for his friend Emma (who he’s never met but has prayed for faithfully the last few weeks). Some people didn’t know what to do with that. Most were so blessed by the sincerity of a courageous boy asking boldly for prayer on behalf of a friend.

So at the end of the day when these kids counted out $102.00 they were in shock. Their .25 lemonade stand brought in $102.00. Over dinner we asked the kids three questions: 1) What did you learn about God today? 2) What did you learn about others today? 3) What did you learn about yourself today? Their replies were priceless…. “God answers prayer. Sometimes it’s a yes, no or wait. Today it was a big YES. Our community gave to something good today. God loves us all and He used these people today to do something good. I learned that I have the faith to trust God to provide. I learned that working with someone else is helpful. I took a step forward today in learning that I need others.”



The next morning the kids got up and took their money to a local jewelry store and purchased exactly what they wanted for their friend Emma.

IMG_1954 IMG_1956

And yes, I did let them take in $15 in change and the guy was super nice about it.

Wow, what an amazing experience God let us be a part of. God did this. This is our God, friends. Be amazed at how tender he is. Tender isn’t an “attribute” we’re used to seeing or hearing. I’m not even sure if I just made that up or not but it’s what I see in our Father many times. And especially when his kids call out to him on behalf of others.

Rest in the tenderness of our Abba Father today.