A little episode

Over Mother’s Day weekend my Mom felt the need to share this story with my children.

This was first published on May 8, 2013. 

God indeed has a sense of humor while teaching me and I marvel at it on

a daily basis. Recently we were eating lunch on the back patio much to

our ten year old’s disappointment. He is very afraid of bees to the point

of obsessessing over it. My mother could see the fear rising in him and so

as she prayed for our meal she asked God to help Mitchell overcome his

fear of bee’s.

A few minutes later Mitchell was still talking excessively

about how horrible it was to be eating with the bee’s (even though none

were in sight.)  At that point I had a very firm conversation with him about

moving on from the discussion and negative talk about bee’s. Okay, it

was a lecture. It went something like,  “Bee’s won’t hurt you; they have a

purpose, God made them, blah, blah, blah. I told him he needed to let that

fear go and relax, quit letting satan suck the joy of God’s creation out of

him and just be happy we could all be together in the beautiful weather.”


I’m not kidding, at that very moment I heard what sounded like a high power

chain saw buzzing next to my neck and out of my peripheral vision I saw a

huge black winged creature coming towards me.  It all happened so fast.

The next thing I knew I was being attacked by a huge bee that flew into

my jacket.  I wish I could say I was relaxed about it but I’m mortified at my

response: Patio chair knocked over, ripped my jacket off, screamed like a

little girl and kept saying “WHERE IS IT? WHERE IS IT? WHERE IS IT?”


My Mom was laughing hysterically. Mitchell ran to the garage and was saying,

“Mom, go inside! I’ll protect you inside!” It was the “Fight with God’s

Creature” version of Jerry Springer if I ever saw one. When it was all over I

put my clothes back on, picked the chair up, cleared my throat and said,

“Well, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” And once again, I walked away

humbled at how when I think I’m teaching others it is actually the lesson

God wants me to learn.