On obedience

When she speaks you listen.

This woman is filled with wisdom, thanksgiving and a strong will to live. She’s in her nineties and still going strong. Today she gave Mitchell and Sophie some excellent advice.

“Timely advice is lovely, like golden apples in a silver basket.” Proverbs 25:11

And you just have no idea how timely this advice was. There’s a back story to this story and I won’t share it here but we almost missed our visit today because of an obedience issue. So her words were like freaky timely. God’s┬átiming amazes me.

Oh and I love how she decided to “wear” the card we made her. So cute!



  1. I just love the wisdom that comes from older generations! They know what they are talking about! How good she was able to speak truth into an area where you guys struggled today! God is so awesome.

  2. What wisdom from this beautiful soul. So glad I stopped by. Visiting from #TellHisStory where we’re neighbors this week.

  3. i want to hear the back story – isn’t life and love all about obedience? fraid so, my wedgie friend.
    invited who knows how many for coffee at 1:30 – serving leftover bridal shower cake – ha! glad to be next to you somewhere this week. looks like I can’t meet up w/ you in NC this summer – would appreciate prayers that God will get all His work done in me for this event. thanks. xxx

  4. oh, it’s a cross generational coffee but I’m the older one…

    • serving left over bridal shower cake…….love it…..because we all know left over cake is better than the first day it’s cut. Well, I think I made that up but still – cake is cake!