Writing Letters

Oh don’t get me wrong – I love sending and receiving an encouraging text, sweet phone call and real live conversations. They are convenient and a wonderful part of daily life. But I’m old school enough to still be sad that the hand written letter continues to fade ever so fast.

That and because I love any excuse to go to Barnes & Noble I bought the kids note cards and had them write letters to two people of their choice while sitting at Starbucks. Mitchell has more beautifuler handwriting than I do and Sophie is to the point in one or two sentences but hey she gets her point across. So there we sat putting the discipline of hand writing a note into practice.

What was so cool is that when we came home I had this sitting in the mailbox. A handwritten note from my best friend’s daughter. Apparently she’s teaching the old fashion art of handwritten notes as well to her daughter who’s a little younger than Sophie. What I love is that they let her do it all by herself because take a gander at the address under my name. She had a lot of trust in the postman. He didn’t need a zip code.┬áThe Piedmont Triad area as she accurately puts it – very smart girl – covers about 48 counties. Oh how I will treasure this handwritten, self addressed note forever. How did it get to us? Well, her Daddy put it in an envelope and readdressed it for her.


Here’s to the hand written note – toasting with my #2 pencil and paper in hand.