The hard stuff I’m dealing with right now – the stuff I don’t care to talk about.

So here’s the deal and the low down about the stuff I don’t care to talk about but it’s a big part of my life right now. I want to remain transparent on this blog and not just in the good times.

I’m having surgery on August 22nd to have 20″ of my colon removed and resectioned. I have ischemic colitis as a result of a recurring volvulus. That means my colon has been twisting and kinking and forming a blockage preventing blood flow in that area so it has to come out. Yeah. Not fun. And no, I don’t have to have a bag. Thanking God for this because I just really don’t think I could handle that. I was scared to type that because you know how sometimes things go after you say something like that. Yeah, but we’re not doing to dwell on that are we. Nope, cuz it’s not going to happen. No bag. Just a simple little resection procedure. La-lah-la. Ha! Okay, this is where I get weird. Randy tells me I get weird whenever I have surgery. I’ve had a few. More like six. And apparently I start making jokes and act like it’s nothing but then I do what I’m doing right now which is just being totally weird and all.

Talking about weird…… my last colonoscopy I told the dude that was going to knock me out with sleepy medicine that I was afraid of not being totally out during the procedure. So I asked him to make me count to 10 before doing anything to me. He said, “Nah, it doesn’t work like that with this medicine. You’re awake but not awake.” Apparently this answer didn’t satisfy me and I talked to him incessantly and looked at him with eyes wide open during the entire procedure. CREEPY!!! I don’t even want to know what I said. How do I know all this? Because after the procedure he came and told us.

So yeah, I get weird when big things like this come up.  So if you see me and I’m being weird it’s because I’m trying to pretend that everything’s perfectly normal when it’s not. My hubs is helping point this out to me. Like when I got really sick one day with this colitis stuff and wasn’t able to finish some VBS work I was doing in decorating. I didn’t call or text the person in charge to let them know why I wasn’t there. Because I didn’t want to talk about it. Rude and weird. But I wasn’t ready to acknowledge it.

Getting to the point of recognizing the weirdness is a long process. I’m stubborn. It takes a 2×4 to show me where I’m wrong or being weird. So after years of trying to convince my man that it’s perfectly normal to play counting games with your anesthesiologist…. or to send out dress up accessories (wigs, sunglasses, etc.) to your family in the waiting room while I’m having surgery with a note of who to give the china to if I died. (Seriously yes. Don’t even ask. First surgery.) I’m finally realizing that it’s true. I get weird.

So these days I’m trying not to be weird about this upcoming surgery. I’m talking about it in this space which may or may not be weird. But it’s my blog and I can write about my colon if I want to. Ha! Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is weird again. But I want to thank you for journeying with me as I learn how to un-weird myself.

Here’s how you could pray for me if you’re willing:

*For the surgery to be a smooth procedure with no complications or infections.

*For my husband and kids as they walk through this with me. It’s not easy on the caregiver. My husband has been by my side with every single surgery. And while he is willing to point out my weirdness he has allowed for my weirdness ALL these years with incredible grace. Cheers (holding up my miralax cocktail) to the hopefully new unweirded me!

*That I will tolerate the pain meds okay – I have issues with medicine.

*For Sophie & Mitchell not to be worried. They will have one week of school under their belt when I go in for surgery. New routines and schedules will still be under way so I’m asking God for grace in this process for them. Sophie has already shed a few tears over this.

I am thankful that according to the Doctor taking this section out will take away the issues I’m having completely. It’s a mechanical problem and so having this area removed removes the problem itself. This is a huge blessing. My stay in the hospital should be 2-4 days. Recovery (if done laporoscopic) will be 4 weeks or longer if an incision is made. I have a lot of adhesions and scar tissue so that’s why we don’t really know if it can be done laparoscopic.

I thank God that he has provided us with an amazing support system through our family, church and friends. We will be covered in prayer and encouragement in this time and that is a gift directly from God.

Thank you for your prayers friends! And thanks for putting up with the weirdness. I’m pretty sure there was plenty of it in this post. Ha!!!


  1. Hi Melody,
    I love that you said it’s your blog and you can write about your colon if you want to! I can totally relate on being worried about an illness or procedure and you are definitely not weird and I think you are very brave! I am joining you in prayer that all will go well and you will experience healing and a quick recovery! Visiting today from Coffee for your Heart.

  2. Thank you for the update. Will be praying

  3. You are a brave and transparent woman to share so openly. I will be praying – I have it written down on my calendar so I remember 🙂 May God go before you working out every single detail for this time and recovery to go quickly and smoothly! Blessings!

    • Wow, that means a lot – thank you so much for remembering me in prayer and making a note of reminder. Appreciate that so much. This is what I love about the Body of Christ. Can’t imagine going through tough stuff without the Body. Thank you.

  4. Karen Grafton says:

    Nothing weird about your blog, appreciate your openness and transparency prayers for peace and comfort for all your family.
    Prayers for the surgeon and the surgery and a speedy recovery.

    • Thank you Karen, appreciate your prayers so much. Our God will carry me through – just have to keep reminding myself of this truth.

  5. Angee Young says:

    Nothing weird about this. You are facing life at full speed and being honest. You are loved by us and so many. Danny and I will be praying for this new step in success for you and your family!! I love how God orchestrates our steps in these matters of healing. He us an awesome God who loves us!! Love you!!

    • Thank you Angee – really appreciate yours and Danny’s prayers. I know you will be praying and it means a lot to me.

  6. Laurie Jerram says:

    Praying as you go through this health crisis. Paul has diverticulitis which caused him to have a bowel re-section with about 6″ on each side of his pelvis taken. Hopefully, it can be laproscopically done.

    • Oh Laurie, I hear diverticulitis is extremely painful. I hope the bowel re-section has helped him. And yes, we’re praying that it can be done laparoscopically. Thanks for your prayers.

  7. Just prayed through all your requests, Melody. I’m so sorry you’re having to do this. I just had my 5th colonoscopy a month ago after having found cancer in a polyp in my 40s. Good for you for staying on top of things, even though it’s scary. I pray that the results will bring you good health and peace of mind, too!

  8. Laura Nunez says:

    “I didn’t call or text the person in charge to let them know why I wasn’t there. Because I didn’t want to talk about it. Rude and weird. But I wasn’t ready to acknowledge it.”

    I am the same way! I don’t know why I retreat anf i do it with any kind of stress. I have lost friends & jobs.

    • Laura, who knows – maybe we don’t like to acknowledge the weakness that comes with health issues when they are at their peak. I’m really hoping this surgery will take away the issues completely. If not, I will hopefully keep recognizing the weirdness (and retreating as you accurately put it) and work to change.