Why Umbrella Prayers…

“Umbrella Prayers” are changing the way I pray. When we start with WHO our God is in prayer and then bring up under him our needs, requests and worries it does something amazing.

It doesn’t always change the circumstances, although sometimes it does, but it does change our perspective. Coming to God first in acknowledgement and in praise of who he is gives us a stability and a hope.

Then as we place the names of people underneath that umbrella of who God is we can cling to the fact that God will never change. He will always be faithful to his promises. Always.

As we take the names of our loved ones and even ourselves and draw them under the umbrella of who God is we find a comfort in knowing we can leave our concerns in God’s hands and trust that He has a plan.

I will be teaching this seminar in more depth and with a creative aspect to it and would love to share it with you in person. Come check it out coming up on April 29th, 2017 in Reidsville, NC


Look forward to seeing you there!