When I think of my Mom….

I have two Moms really – my Mom Mom and my Mother-in-law. I love them both. God has used them both in my life and I am grateful for what they mean. Today I’m blogging about my Mom Mom because well, it’s Mother’s Day.

Growing up this is how I would see my Mom often times. Stretched back in laughter with at least three or four other people. Usually family and neighbors. Sometimes the guest (whoever it was at the time) living in our home. Often times it was Ms. Flora who was her best friend and who lived next door with her husband and three sons. Flora was like a second Mom. She didn’t knock when came in she just opened the door and yelled “Yoo-hoo”. Mom makes everyone feel comfortable and always has a good story to tell. When I think of my Mom through childhood and growing up I think of her as being very happy and warm.

My Mom is hilarious. She and my Dad loved the Waffle House and somehow she scored this Waffle House uniform and wore it to a Church dinner party at our house. Two things: It wasn’t a costume party. And we were new in the church so nobody knew anything about us. Except now they think she’s the quintessential Waffle House waitress which isn’t a problem except that she’s not one. I think my Mom’s pretty dang funny. Still.

Mom can throw down a party table like nobody’s business. Last minute. Any occasion. Great food and always FUN. She is a gracious hostess who loves making people feel special and welcomed. We’ve had many a celebrations at her dining room table.

Mom makes time to do this right here. She hasn’t been much of a sit still kind of a woman until the last few years with her health and age. So she makes the most of it when the grandkids are around. That chair holds a lot of memories.

My Mom loved my Dad something fierce. She respected and cherished him and enjoyed being with him. And she misses him terribly but she has been so strong in moving forward with her life even on days she didn’t want to. ¬†She was a great wife and is a great Mom.

My Mom is a praying Mom and there can’t be anything better in my opinion than a Mom who loves well and is committed to praying for her children and grandchildren.

So Mom whenI think of you on Mother’s Day I think of all these things. I know Siri is messing up your iPad and it’s hard to get it updated and you’ll need to make your monthly visit to the Apple store before and if you ever read this. But should you stumble across this blog post you know every word of it is true. I hope you know it’s true. I love you and you have been a wonderful Mom to all your children. Thank you for that gift that lingers all through life. I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating how incredibly awesome and amazing and smart and beautiful your children are. Just Kidding. That was a joke, Mom. Love you. Bye!


  1. Linda Crews says:

    RIGHT ON MELODY! THAT IS A GREAT DESCRIPTION OF OUR MOM! She loves to laugh and to make others laugh. Hostess with the mostest b/c it’s not just the awesome food and the adorable table setting but the activity and conversation she plans that makes a gathering special at Mom’s. Melody you definitely inherited that – NOT ME! Great blog – had to just say Amen and wave my white hanky in agreement.

    • “Wave my white hanky in agreement” – I forgot about that statement we used to say all the time. I think Gran got us into that right? Love it. Thanks for coming by to testify with your white hanky. I’m so glad you did. Love and miss you!