Summer Is…..Camp!!!

It’s all about Woodlands Camp on the blog today because it’s a pretty amazing camp. Every year I post about Woodlands because it’s a special place to our family. My husband has been speaking at this camp for 19 years. Director, Jon Estes, left his career in banking and has grown and expanded this camp with prayer, wise vision and hard work over the last 20 years. It has grown from 10 campers the first year to now over 300 campers each week with plans of expansion.


One of the coolest part of Woodlands is the games. You know how everyone jokes about kids playing with boxes at Christmas time and the most random things that keep them occupied forever? Well Woodlands has figured out how to think like a kid and the games they come up with are so awesome. It makes the grumpiest of adults want to play them! Here’s what I mean……

Worship at Woodlands is quite incredible as well. I’ve not seen the new chapel yet which is where this next video takes place but looks pretty awesome to me!

Chapel services are in the morning and evening with Wednesday night being a strong Salvation emphasis and many kids come to Christ that night. Tonight we are praising God that quite a few kids made a decision to follow Christ! And that’s what it’s all about. That’s why Woodlands exists. The awesome facilities, cool games and loud worship is great but introducing kids to Jesus is the “why” behind Woodlands.

(hey – that’s my man right there)

Our daughter has gone to Woodlands for two years without knowing anyone and one year she went with a friend. I can attest to the fact that your kid doesn’t have to go to camp with a friend to love and adjust to camp. Of course it’s always fun when you go with someone you know but you really can go for the first time and still have fun. Last year our extended family was going through a really difficult time and Sophie’s counselor was a huge source of comfort and encouragement to her. That’s another thing I really respect about Woodlands. The counselors take their positions very seriously and they spend one on one time at some point in the week with each camper. It’s the very reason they have rocking chairs on the porches of the cabins. For one on one conversations. I love that. It speaks volumes. Counselors are recruited from a variety of Christian Universities including: Cedarville College, North Greenville, Liberty University, Bob Jones University and more.

If you’re looking for a camp for your kid/s you might want to consider Woodlands. Keep a check on their website and be sure to register as soon as online registration opens (in February) or you won’t get in. I’m not even kidding. It fills up that fast.

Be a happy camper!